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EPIC RAGE [updated]

UPDATE: This post has been rendered null and void because 6 minutes after posting it, I went downstairs to get the shoulder bag in which I had put the coin purse w/ my library card and my library books to go back tonight...and found I had also put my wallet in there. Mind you, I had packed and brought this bag downstairs exactly ten minutes before I started looking for the wallet.

Point taken, God. My room was in desperate need of cleaning versus having me run out and go spend my evening in lala-land.

Original Post
I spent 2.5 hours tonight tearing my room apart -- actually, doing the opposite: cleaning the tornado mess and putting everything away to eliminate hiding spots -- in search of my wallet. My room is now as clean as it ever gets, like it's even vacuumed, but no wallet has appeared.

I know it's in this room because I last had it out 3 days ago when I was actually tearing said room apart in search of my library card (which turned up in a jeans pocket), and I had emptied my entire purse and wallet. I showed the wallet to my mom to make sure it was empty, and then I KNOW I took it upstairs specifically so that I would not lose it. But for some reason it didn't go back in my purse. I haven't left the house since then except to take a walk, and since my wallet is too big for any pocket I never bring it with on walks. Here are all the hiding places that have been eliminated so far:

-Either purse
-Either mini backpack that I use when walking to the library
-Any of the 3 shoulder bags I use when shopping
[Edit: FALSE. It was totally in one of them. The one I didn't check twice, unlike everything else on this list.]
-Either nightstand drawer (my library card turned up in here once)
-Anywhere on the bed/tangled in the covers (I stripped the bed, shook everything out and re-made it)
-Wedged between the bed and the wall
-Under the bed
-On top of the dresser that is right in front of the door where I often put things
-In the drawers of that dresser
-In the pile of clothes on top of the suitcase I store by the bed, which is at just the right height for putting more stuff on
-In any of the other 3 piles of clothes (I really need to clean out my closet/dresser so they are usable)
-Tangled among any of my book stacks
-On the desk by my computer
-In my computer desk drawers
-Under my desk

I cannot think of a single other place it could even accidentally be, and I'm going crazy. I have $26 in cash + some quarters, and my library card and my credit card, so this is not catastrophic yet, but my wallet contains my bank card and more importantly my driver's license, which I really need because I go back to the night job in 4 days and having someone chauffeur me there 12 miles each way would waste a lot of time and gas to have to make that trip twice every night. So.

I am open to wild and random suggestions if you have them.


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