RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Today was a day indeed.

1. I reread Girl Next Door last night at 2 in the morning (having slept from 5-11pm and unable to get back to sleep), and am so brimming over with love for this book that I cannot contain it or sufficiently put it into words, but I might have to read it again. And I didn't even keep the Pitch Perfect filter on it like I planned! This is the third different couple I've tried to cast in the roles, but every time I start, I find myself unable to keep a mental lock on the people I want it to be because Sam and Jesse are such stubbornly memorable and individual characters that I love them on their own merit.

I cannot tell you how rare this is for me in a book. I'm at the point where I want all of the author's original drafts and cut scenes and a DVD-style commentary, or at least the ability to conduct an in-depth interview where I pick her brain about her favorite parts and all the headcanon that didn't make it into the final draft.

2. Speaking of things that I am obsessed with, I did something I have done like zero times in my life and bought the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack. New. In a retail store. More specifically, at Wal-Mart, where I am thrilled to report that for the exact same price as the CD -- which was already at least $2 cheaper than at Target -- I got the CD plus a 64-page "zine" stuffed full of glossy photos and random trivia about the film/actors, plus a cool magnet, plus a coupon for $2 off an online ticket to see the movie again which, honestly, I just might use. The only difference is that I have to find a jewel case to put the CD in, but I'm pretty sure that's more than worth it to have fun memorabilia. See, look, it's a retailer-specific thing, even.

Side note: I love Chloe's dress in this scene SO MUCH.


3. Lastly, I saw Jurassic World today, again an unprecedented thing (seeing a movie OPENING WEEKEND?? Who does that unless it is a cool-looking film that bombs opening day and you're scared they'll yank it immediately?). I thought it was mega-awesome and everything I hoped and dreamed it would be.

It started kind of slow, with way too much focus on setting up staff and the criminally boring brothers, but it went on an escalating pattern of destruction and intensity that ultimately had my heart pounding out of my chest, and on at least one occasion had me jump almost clear out of my seat due to unexpected IN YO FACE DINO JAWS. Also, I finally vaguely get the appeal of Buff New Chris Pratt. It's more of an aesthetic understanding, but I will allow that having him commune with a pack of raptors obeying him like semi-tame wolves, punching out bad guys and saving women and children pretty much hit all the buttons on the RS's Guide To Being a Ruggedly Charming Manly Man. This is an especially big accomplishment considering I once debated not seeing this movie because I was sure his dumb face would ruin it.

I also really loved Bryce Dallas Howard, and was relieved that it was Bryce and not Jessica Chastain like I thought, because I love the latter but I also feel like she keeps showing up in movies where she really doesn't fit just to attach a big name to the project. The movie was better for having Bryce.

But seriously, basically, whenever a giant roaring dinosaur was on the screen, I was in bug-eyed heaven. They ate so many people, it was ridiculous. And awesome. I also really loved the nostalgia factor in finding the ruins of a location from the previous movies (I'm not sure exactly which one it was, because it's been too long since I've seen them, but you know how I love me some abandoned buildings). I do not buy the premise that people are suddenly "bored with ordinary dinosaurs" after less than 22 years (especially considering they were still going on people-eating sprees during that time), but I'm willing to overlook that for plot advancement.

My favorite addition by far is the giant many-toothed whale dinosaur they showed in the previews. That was even more awe-inspiring than the main star of the dinosaur park.

There's going to be another one, right? Because I am absolutely ready for more 21st century dinosaurs since the TV shows about them keep failing.
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