RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Dislikes while I work on another post about Pitch Perfect.

1. Is it wrong to have intense, irrational dislike for the Jessie J version of "Flashlight"?

I just. YOU: GROWN LADY. You established pop/radio artist. Flashlight: delicate indie ballad of 18-year-old girl. Without a Hailee Steinfeld version on the CD, after having heard her sing snippets of it 3 times in the film, I am very grumpy and I cannot even convince myself to pretend that Beca and Emily hit it big by selling the song to Jessie J to turn it into a commercial hit. THIS IS NOT YOUR SONG, OLD LADY*.

I mean, is it just me, or is comparing an emotionally supportive partner to a flashlight the sort of thing that only minors would think is really deep and romantic? It certainly requires a level of suspension and disbelief to me to be impressed by battery-operated light. It was great as a plot point but maybe not as the great Cups-worthy follow-up you wanted.

*Wikipedia has just informed me she is actually only 27, which is crazy, because I was under the impression she was in her 40s, bearing such a resemblance to Pauley Perrette as she does. Fun fact #2: apparently, also like Pauley, she shares my birthday.

2. I've been wanting to try Lancaster Creams for years, because the commercials make them look so good but they're like $3.60 per bag. I finally found a $2 version at Target so I tried the rapsberry flavor, and to them I say BOOOOOOOO. I was expecting more of a nougaty texture, but it's more like a very soft taffy. And because of that, it's ridiculously sticky, making it both impossible to chew (it sticks to your teeth like saran wrap), and hard to tear into pieces small enough to dissolve in your mouth without getting a slick sheen and/or melted candy stuck to your fingers.

And yet, for some reason I still I want to believe that caramel would be better. Someone talk me out of this.

Edit: I found chocolate-infused caramels at the dollar store. "Yeah, that's better."
Tags: food, music, pitch perfect

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