RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My inner treasure-hoarding dragon is satisfied for the week.

I had a really magnificent weekend, garage-sale-wise. Despite a lot of EPIC RAGE when I wasn't able to finish work until like 2:30 pm on Friday (working a Sunday-Thursday schedule), and more rage when I woke up on Saturday to rain, by 9:30 AM it had cleared away and the church parking lot sale was under way. It's a huge event, where anyone who pays for a spot can set up their miniature garage sale, so there are dozens of booths and a near endless variety of things to look at. Because they are an awesome church they also serve free hot dogs or pizza slices, chips and cookies at lunchtime, for up to 1200 people.

The things I bought are not super visually exciting and/or are too much effort to photograph, so I will just list them. Also, some of item 2 and items 4 & 5 are from extra garage sales I managed to visit on Friday despite my intense rage.

1. GLEE MUSIC JACKPOT: this guy had every CD released, except for the Christmas albums, up through the end of 2012, and all CDs were a dollar so I nabbed 3 I was missing -- Glease, the Graduation Album (super happy about this one) and the concert CD -- and then squealed with delight when I found the special comparatively rare Deluxe editions of volume 7 & Showstoppers.

In retrospect, I now remember that the Deluxe edition of volume 7 is not actually worth it, because the only good one it adds is "Perfect," which is negated by the AWFULNESS of "I Kissed A Girl," and the remaining ones are also annoying: I'm the Only One (as performed by Puck), Red Solo Cup, and one that was clearly so blah I don't even remember what it is, "Take Care of Yourself." (edit: Rory's introduction song. That explains it.) Bad RS! Well, now I have one for the half price bag.

2. At least ten necklaces. I don't even remember exactly how many I bought, because I just went giddy with abandon at one sale where I liked everything and the prices were $1-3, and then there was a stand at the church parking sale lot that was nothing but necklaces, all of them $1. It was being run by a pair of burly guys, so clearly it was part of a fencing operation, but hey. Cheap, pretty jewelry. One of the necklaces I got here even has actual paste gemstones. (usually necklaces this cheap utilize plastic beads or are fake silver/gold)

I will try to photograph some of these, because they were pretty enough to be worth much more than what I paid. I am now forever shamed by the time I paid $9 for one simple cubic zirconia pendant necklace at Target just because it was on over-50%-off-clearance.

Side note: I can barely remember the last time I wore a shirt without a necklace. I just have so many of them now. A dragon could probably sit on the pile and guard them. I have the ability to perfectly match color/fill in neckline no matter what, so it feels wrong not to.  I feel naked without a necklace in the way other women say they feel naked when they go out without makeup.

3. An incredibly pretty polyester/spandex top in perfect condition for 50 cents.

4. A sleeveless, knee length brown Apostrophe dress patterned with pink and green, featuring a thin wrap-around sash. I paid $3 for this one but it's always fun to have a slinky, summery new dress.

5. A thing I should probably photograph, but...a light turquoise-colored and translucent frosted glass candle lamp for $1. The top is shaped like this, but a different color and with frost-like patterns etched into the glass I had my mom set it up in front of one of the piano windows and it looks so pretty with the sun shining through it.
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