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Dovetailing like a boss

I spent 20 minutes trying to decide what to wear this morning for my last night of work at the test-scoring place, and then impressed myself by pulling pieces together to create an outfit that is both pretty and amazingly flattering. Then, high on my fashionista power, I proceeded to the library and in the 5 minutes I could spare before work, yanked out half a dozen photo-heavy books about wardrobe styling. I am spending my evening just paging through them in unparalleled delight.

On an unrelated note: sometimes when I get fed up with reading about how awful all birth control is, I fantasize about a world in which my parents would not object to this back-up plan scenario and google random adoption agencies to read about the couples waiting for a baby.

And man, this woman. She makes me want to get pregnant so I can give her my baby. Let me quote you all of the points in her favor, which is like 90% of her personal statement:

-My entire family (parents and brother) lives within 80 miles of each other.
-We really enjoy spending time together and are very close.
-My parents have a beautiful ranch on a river, which is a wonderful retreat and a wonderland for children with open space, a play structure, ponds, and lots of animals.
-I also have one of the world’s best dogs, Gracie, a curly-coated retriever.
-She was a rescue dog
-She loves kids and plays really well with them.
-Gracie and I live in a comfortable home with a fenced yard.
-I’ve lived in this house for over 20 years
-And own it outright.
-I recently added a room upstairs so that the nursery will be on the same floor as me.
-I enjoy cooking, gardening, walking/hiking, watching movies and TV, and I read a lot.
-My love for children and reading led me to become a volunteer site-coordinator for SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) at a local elementary school, after having been a volunteer reader with them.
-I also do data-entry and bookkeeping from home
-And have a very flexible schedule, which will allow me to be a stay-at-home mom.  I also have friends that will help me watch the baby when needed.
-I have a love affair with France that started when I was 15.  Needless to say, my child will see the world and I will love sharing and exploring it with them.
[RS note: normally that would be a red flag, but having owned a house for 20 years proves she has the common sense to put down roots and only travel temporarily for the experience before returning home. Also, FRANCE.]

My only hesitation is her "single by choice" statement (seriously, the thought of not even starting out with a good dad when I have the power to select otherwise makes me sad. Also I need to know if you will be teaching my hypothetical kid nonsense about how long-term monogamy isn't necessarily the goal), but that is almost a minor thing compared to all the things that make her Awesome. I mean, she's pretty much described a dream life combined with ideal parenting skills.

And then I wanna have another baby so I can give it to Jeff & Molly, who are embodying the Quality Marrieds aspect I would normally consider top priority and, if possible, have an even more wonderful love of animals + paradise-like living situation going on.

-We first met in college, married 13 years ago, and consider ourselves partners and best friends.
-We share a love of nature, and 4 years ago realized our dream of purchasing a small farm near Portland.
-Our household includes a dog, horse, and four sheep!
-As a mom, I look forward to sharing the wonder of growing food in our garden, the responsibility of caring for our sweet animals, and the simple joy of listening to the frogs and owls outside at night.
-In my career, I am an editor for an equestrian magazine, combining my love of horses and writing
-My flexible schedule will allow me to be home to care for a child.

I think about this more than I should for someone who would never actually do this, but my excuse is that I also like to toy with the idea of writing a YA-type story with this plot point. Or at least the outline of one with a few specific scenes.

Ironically, the Friends episode on TV tonight? Chandler & Monica have their first meeting with the pregnant woman from the adoption agency, while Rachel and Phoebe take Ross shopping for better clothes.

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