RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

What is this Lost Sideways World unrealness

Old post ironies: at least there is one show still alive in this world that brings me unfiltered joy!

Well, I almost fell asleep about 18 times while watching that. I even took a 2-hour break six minutes from the end because I was just that uncompelled to continue, and I only bothered after I read someone's review talking about the surprise twist.

While the fact that the dream world vanished and Barbie & Julia got a mini reunion (even if he was too out of it to really acknowledge her)/are together in the same timeline again improved my mood a few degrees, I am still incredibly unexcited by anything coming up in the future, so maybe I will just toss this in storage for a bit until there are more episodes to marathon.

Also, if I didn't get any substantial Sam/Julia, I ain't puttin' up with this Barbie/Operations Manager ("Eva") nonsense. It's not even a fair trade; they have no chemistry. So much unattractive kissing. I honestly don't know if my mood was due to the lack of Jarbie scenes, or the fact that I had to keep looking at him participating in this inferior version. I don't know if he's going to remember her or not in this timeline (or maybe have fuzzy flashbacks of Dream World that filter in?), but god, how my money is on "not." She instantly makes me miss Rebecca.

-No more Don Barbara. Murderous Melanie saw to that.

-Wow, Norrie's suddenly pretty! I loved both of her dresses so much, and never mind the rockin' hair extensions.

-Pouty Joe, and also Barbie's bro-tastic connections with both him and Hunter

-The scene of Barbie finding Julia's body, which THANK GOD I got in gif form 36 hours in advance, because that was the only thing truly worth watching. His cry face is not great, but the words and the tone of voice are pretty excellent.

I'm here, just like I promised. I came back for you.

-Marg Helgenberger is a natural at being awesome, even if I'm not feeling Christine's character yet. I mean I don't even have a negative feeling, she's still a blank slate.

-A cute dog? That's the one part of the mystery that really intrigues me.

-Julia punching Jim in the mouth and drawing blood

I think it's safe to say the time of my intense fandom love affair is over, though.

In other news, I recently heard "Tom's Diner" on the radio and had a stunning flashback moment/realization that I loved this song as a kid but had not heard it in at least 15 years, completely forgot it existed, and never knew what it was called or who it was by. Such a great rediscovery! Especially since it came with a bonus new discovery: a slower instrumental reprise of the song that sounds like really sad circus music.
Tags: music, old post ironies, tv commentary, under the dome

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