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I really, really, really need a new Castle icon. WHO MAKES THEM??

Three months ago I started to watch the 7th season of Castle, but I accidentally watched 3 episodes in a row without writing anything down and you know how I am, I was like, "Nooooo, slow your roll, no more until you process what you've got," so I put it in storage. A few nights ago, I accidentally tripped over a Castle blog and I got semi-spoiled with a few gifsets that made me extra-determined to get back to this show. In combination with Under the Dome being so disappointing, I finally had the perfect incentive. So last night I finally wrote it all up, backdated it here, and then stayed up until the wee hours of the morning immersing myself in more.

7x04, Child's Play: In which Castle puts his Overgrown Kid Tendencies to good use by spending the week with a classroom full of second graders, waging imaginary war with Army man figurines as comfortably as he wears faerie wings for a princess tea party. All right, fine, I guess I would not hate it entirely if he and Beckett had a baby.

It never really made sense why Alexis was so determined to stuff them with high-calorie food, but the father/daughter scene at the end was heartwarming and wonderful like nothing else this show can offer, between the acknowledgment that although she fancies herself the grown-up in this family, sometimes the older grown-up still has life wisdom to dispense about how part of adulthood is letting your loved ones live their own lives, and then his undercutting of the serious tone by demanding that she ride scooters with him. An activity that neither of them are too old for at all.

7x05, Meme is Murder: HI / I'M PRICHARD RASTLE. There's really nothing more to be said about this one, is there? Whenever you add AutoTune and remix things, la vita e bella. (the case was something about a former cyber bullying victim killing YouTube-esque celebrities. well paced but not memorable. not like the immortal gift of song)

7x06, The Time of Our Lives: OH LORD, the things this show does to bend reality are amazing. Every time. Every time, they blow me away with just how they do it. He definitely went to a parallel universe where Alexis has dyed black hair and lives with her mom in L.A., and he never met Beckett (who became captain but never solved her mom's case) or wrote Nikki Heat or anything else as successful as Storm, but Beckett found his charm and weirdly helpful insight too intriguing to resist anyway. Good to see that Javi and Ryan are still best bros no matter what, too.

And that he saved her/rejoined this universe by taking a bullet for her was also a beautiful thing to behold, as was his realization that he cannot wait one more day to call her his wife.

On that note: that was a terrible CGI background, and I'm not sure they're really that much farther along in their issues than they were in episode 2, and I was barely whelmed so ONCE AGAIN, television fails at making ruining a picturesque and carefully planned wedding seem like it was anything other than a ratings stunt. Once again, the actual wedding comes off like a rushed footnote while the showrunners pretend that spur-of-the-moment decisions and only a handful of witnesses make it more sentimental/meaningful (STILL LOOKIN' AT YOU, GLEE).

But at least the actual words of their vows were really pretty, and so was the kiss.

7x07, Once Upon a Time in the West: So far the best thing about their rush wedding has been Lainie, Esposito and Ryan's reactions to being told it happened without them. I loved Lainie demanding dinner with ALL THE DESSERTS to make it up to her, followed by girl cooing and hugging, all forgiven. Well, all forgiven for Kate. Castle receives a punch in the chest when he attempts to join in, and is met with the coldest shoulders and truly magnificent milking-it-for-all-it's-worth snubbing from his alternate best men.

For the record, I would be very happy spending my honeymoon on an authentic Wild West ranch. Especially if my new husband rolled up driving a horse-drawn wagon. (Castle naming the horses Ryan and Esposito was just the icing on the cake)

Everything about this hands-on investigation, from Castle's giddy joy to Beckett's authentically Scully manner of putting up with his quirks (before ultimately embracing the trip..and ending with a very giddy lassooing of her new husband) was amazing. I do not have adequate words. Did I mention the part about a hunt for buried gold in an abandoned mineshaft near a long-dried-up stream?

P.S. I really love how they tweaked the theme tune for the past two episodes to tailor them to the episode themes.
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