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Although I now understand the reason for the delayed wedding, I'm not at all happy about it. But I didn't get unhappy until the second half of this episode, so I'm breaking this review into two parts.

Castle, 7x01, "Driven"
Live viewing notes from the first half:
-Oh hey, zero time jump! LOVE IT.
-I cannot believe Alexis is taking "best man" seriously to the point of actually wearing a fugly suit.
-How many wedding dresses is Kate going to lose to water damage this year?
-"How far is Bedford?" / "Not far the way I'm going to drive." I LOVE this cop.
-Flying TACKLE KNOCKDOWN. Lesson learned: do not anger Katie.
-Gates, your hair is so gorgeous. Also, you are such a good person.

-AWWW, her eyes lighting up in irrational hope at the coffee held out to her from behind...and then seeing the light die as reason comes back in. That hurt more than anything at the wreck.

-OH MAN. Are you reaching all the way tack to season FIVE? The Hamptons case??? Which, incidentally, I remember clear as day. Hi, Mob Pinciotti!

-Well, since we're recycling from season 5, are we also recycling the "Kate believes the worst about him even though it's obviously not true" theme?

-That awkward moment when Ryan has more faith in your future husband's innocence than you do.

-Oh yes. Now is definitely the time for the redheads to gang up on Doubting Katherine.

-Come on, FBI dude. What if he was coerced into leaving the money, like with threats of harm to his family? We shouldn't be better at your job than you.

-By the way, her shorter hair makes me sad. It still looks good, and aside from the layers is not actually that much different from my length, but when you've gotten used to princess waves...

-"Two months later..." Ohhhh, damn, I forgot about the time gap. There was a note in the last Castle book about how the author was "presently missing" at time of publication. Oh, I don't want to think about Beckett being alone and wondering that long; this sucks so hard for canon I want to quit. I'm quitting. 20:53 in, I'm done for the night.

(edit: I sneaked in 50 more seconds. Floating in a canoe. WHAT?? Okay, no, NOW I'm quitting. I'm going to pretend it's July and I just got to watch half an episode at Comic Con, and I'm going to take some time to process what might have happened during those two months to get us here.)

Part 2:
My resolved lasted all of 24 hours, and then I was desperate to know more. And it was confusing and maddening and good and uncomfortable and heartbreaking. However, I've spent the past two weeks stewing in Feelings, so I am a more rational person than I would have been.

I spent most of the episode on Beckett's side, not really doubting Castle but also wanting to slap some answers out of him, and mostly angry about the fact that this feeling was ruining the "comfort" part of hurt/comfort. All this time wanting nothing more than to be able to run to his side and hold him again, and instead you're hurt and standing at a distance. By the next day, though, I had moved on to feeling sorry for Castle being the one stuck in a hospital bed and robbed of any chance at comfort himself. His face is a very sad face, ack.

I didn't know quite what to make of the last scene when I first saw it, but now I like how we finally get the comfort we've been denied, with the arm around her and a few tears and Castle's steadfast certainty that even if they can't just pick up where they left off, "we'll get there." Also, what a pretty blue bathrobe she's wearing.

Case wise...this looks like the start of a beautiful conspiracy. It took me 3 weeks to get ready for it, but I'm here now.
7x02, Montreal:First of all, awww @ the trained drug dog and how everybody at the precinct loves him. I particularly liked Castle having a quiet broody moment to himself with the dog nearby for comfort, especially after Beckett joined him. Secondly, most sympathetic murder victim ever (CEO's dog is killed via drug overdose after biting into a cocaine-stuffed doll, CEO gets himself a drug dog and goes deep undercover to investigate who's responsible in order to protect his company's good name from a publicized drug investigation)/

I also really liked the progress made on Castle & Beckett's relationship reparations, from her confession to Lainie that Castle's pretending everything's fine and they're happy but everything is not fine, to her emotions when shown his prerecorded message about how it wasn't his choice to leave her, to the closing scene bedtime cuddling and promise to revisit the wedding plans in a month. I think that would have satisfied even Past Me.

Meanwhile, never mind all the brilliance of the father/daughter trip to Montreal. Or the weird alien conspiracy theorist (poor pouty Castle sulking back to the car). Or the actual conspiracy theorist of spookiness warning Castle that he asked not to remember. Or that wonderful moment where Castle celebrated being back on a case in the field by obnoxiously playing with all the toys he could find.
7x03, Clear and Present Danger:

(no it's not)

No but really, I was beyond impressed by how much all the murders really looked like the work of Satan. Especially that phenomenal attack on Castle & Beckett to make her believe. (I'm suddenly wondering if this suit explains a lot of X-Files.) And the way they were led straight back to the biologist due to her foolish mention of the word "cuttlefish"  How much did we love them simultaneously realizing they could use fire extinguishers to smoke out her shape? (Castle: "I so missed these mind melds.")

Odd Highlights
-TerraQuest! Nicely designed.
-Castle clocking Henry/Nerdy Dr. Gurgler with a real-life version of the fancy sword
-Castle's quips being on fire: "Did the invisible man just goose you?" + "Omission is the invisible lie."
-Esposito's aggressive defense of marriage ("Are you stepping out on Jenny? She's the mother of your kid!"), followed by instant transformation into glee when he thinks Ryan has a job at a gentleman's club, and then his completely unholy joy in taking the mick out of him upon hearing the truth: "You got a job...protecting male strippers?"

A Kiss-kit, A Caskett
-I really like the confirmation that they have naturally been sharing that bed non-intimately since he came home. And also their giddy expressions when they realize neither of them wants to keep waiting.

-OH WOW. You don't often see aggressive makeout scenes from them! In fact, I'm pretty sure this is only the second one of the series and the only one that has involved passionate making out on a bed. It was so different it took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at -- but since they were still at the fully clothed stage, good work. I ain't even mad that after 3 years you've finally made me see them as something other a couple who talk a good flirty game, with plenty of implied nudity, yet ultimately are p. much asexual in my head.

-Upon rigging a complex fence/invisible man alarm system of dental floss and hanging kitchenware:
Castle: What?
Kate: You just kind of make
Castle: That's true.

-Kate's fancy attire for the closing scene: "It's invisible."

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