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Work is impossibly difficult today (6/8 assignments required contacting at least one if not two people & waiting for replies to take further action, and those 2 represent MAYBE 10% of the total amount of work so I can't even really make progress), my dismal mood meant I didn't even consider going to the free open house of the historical museum home in my town.

On top of that, for the first time in years both Savers and Goodwill are having their 50%-off-clothing-and-shoes sales well before the 4th, on days that should theoretically be great for me, but that dismal I-never-wanna-leave-the-house-again mood means I'm missing the Savers sale today & tomorrow and I will probably miss the Goodwill one on Wednesday too. I'm also going to waste another 50% off coupon (for one item) at Goodwill that expires in two days because the one time I bought an item over $4, I didn't have my coupon on me (and it was a very important My Little Pony item so I couldn't leave it there).

So in an attempt to combat my sadness, and because I am officially in the middle of too many books to put on Goodreads, here are all the novels I am excited to continue digging into. Maybe if I write down my exact reasons I will stop wildly pinging back and forth between them, unable to decide which one I want most at any given moment

1. This Is Not A Love Story - Suki Fleet. I have to read it as an ebook so it's slow going, but it's basically the opposite of what the title says, and a really great m/m romance between homeless teens. It's everything I want from this scenario, with wall to wall hurt/comfort starting on page 1, except it bears a distinct resemblance to the Klaine fanfics that were repackaged as originals and published by Interlude Press, i.e. with multiple unnecessarily explicit sex scenes. Also a whole lot of cursing. And I don't know quite how I'm going to address that with my real identity on Goodreads.

2. That Time I Joined the Circus - J.J. Howard. An 18-year-old high school senior's father dies and leaves her penniless/with nowhere to stay in NYC, so she goes in search of her mom, who works in a traveling circus. Turns out her mom isn't there, but she needs to eat, so she gets herself hired as an all-purpose employee and MAN am I having fun with this setting.

[edit: it got dumb and confusing and boring after 100 pages. great disappointment.]

3. Mending Horses - M.P. Barker. A lovely thick historical novel about a newly-freed indentured servant who ends up working "first as peddlers on the road, and then in a traveling circus where Daniel heals and trains the skittish circus ponies." The only reason I'm hesitant is that it's the sequel to a novel I didn't read, and specifically didn't read because it looked more boring and mentioned way fewer horses, but now I'm like BUT WHAT IF IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE BACKSTORY. One reviewer says it's not necessary, but even so...

[update: read it. loved it]

4. Killing Time in Crystal City - Chris Lynch. Picked up on a whim because it's about a boy with "barely anyone to miss him or care that he's gone" running away to a random new city and trying to start a new life, and it was like OH HEY THAT SOUNDS A LOT LIKE WHAT BLAINE ANDERSON IS DOING IN MY HEAD. The only flaw is that this guy's straight and I assume that will come with a whole lot of plot points that would not concern Blaine.

[update: guy sounded too dumb to tolerate. Abandoned after 15 pages.]

5. Summer of the Wolves - Polly Carlson-Voiles. A super thick (352 pages) juvenile paperback about a 12-year-old girl caring for an orphan wolf pup on a Minnesota island where her uncle works researching wolves. Everything about this sounds amazing.

[update: accurate]

And of course, that's to say nothing of that stack of old books I bought a couple of weeks ago, which also call to me, but as they have no deadlines they must wait.
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