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I want to convince myself that the end of the Christmas episode cannot sustain itself any longer than D.C. did, but my brain is just not complying.

7x08, Kill Switch: In the most low-stakes main-character-in-danger plot ever (and also the fastest bioterrorist takedown ever), Espo finds himself on a subway car with a flu victim holding a dead man's switch, and accidentally having more chemistry with a random transit cop than Lainie.

The best part is clearly Javi and Ryan's conversation in the car, starting as a serious discussion about the former's potential to be a dad and ending with "We were having a genuine, honest moment, and you had to ruin it by being a jackass." I don't know which was better.

Also, Castle's glee in making a whole bunch of subway jokes at episode's end. "Please accept this as a token of apology." BA-DUM TISH.
7x09, Last Action Hero: OH MY GOD THAT LAST PART WAS SO WONDERFUL. I think I just emitted high-pitched squealing noises of glee at Castle's entire participation in that Ocean's Eleven/Leverage plot, starting with his casual mention of "my wife's a cop and she'd kill me," and the tough guy mocking him for being afraid of his wife. Geeze, I know it's only been 2 episodes but talking about them as a married couple just does not get old.

Favorite Castle quote: "My hero was a liar...and a goat herder."

Also, Ryan's terrible, glorious attempts to come up with his own catchphrase. "Time to pay the bill for doing the kill." Or maybe..."You've got trouble. Ryan Trouble."

In sadder stuff, farewell Kate's Dear Apartment (remember that beautiful time we did the set tour?). At least it's staying in the family for the time being. I really liked the way they executed her troubled response to his casually flippant disregard for the place she built her adult life. Which we can't really fault him for, but the insensitivity still stings.
7x10, Bad Santa:
"Ladies of the Castle household." Sometimes I hope they have a boy (if they have a baby) so that Alexis' place as Favorite Daughter will never be challenged. Most days I want them to have a girl so as not to disrupt this glorious matriarchal world. And aside from the quick kiss at the end and the glorious moment he introduced her as his wife at the club, that's all I have to say about the Caskett front for this one.

(also noted: her continued tolerance with only mild eye-rolling for him ogling strippers)

Also, I've been wondering all season why they even bothered with Esposito and Lainie, since they don't seem overtly affectionate or plot-point-pivotal, and if this was them breaking up, it makes sense but I still don't see the point. Not even the Castle Wiki will confirm or deny anything that happened with them in this episode or beyond.

I truly loved Castle's friendly blood oath with the mob boss, and every fantastic scene with them right up until the point Gates said something she never thought she'd say with regret, and kicked Castle out of the precinct forever lest his questionable mob contacts taint any other cases. WHAT?? What kind of person would send the fans to Christmas hiatus on that! WHAT KIND OF PERSON.

Although I guess I really liked Castle trying to put on a happy front for Kate. I don't understand why she isn't questioning this Christmas tradition after the Thanksgiving prank he pulled, but I guess she did look pretty adorably giddy and proud of herself while reciting her draft of the Christmas letter.

P.S. This season continues to be amazing in changing up the theme tune. LOVE IT.

Also if anyone wants to spoil me on when Castle gets to work with the NYPD again, I would be eternally grateful. Even if you have bad news for me, at least I'd know. Right now I can't seem to convince myself to move forward, and historically when I get this feeling I have about 48 hours to push myself through, or 3 months tend to pass before I watch one again.
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