RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Fandoming, whee!

Okay, desperate shipper squee got the best of me so shook the internet until it told me roughly which episode was the return of 3XK, and then I poked YouTube until it gave up this scene, andnow I can exhale loudly and go to bed happy on one thousand replays of his broken voice/face in the worst case scenario. Plus, only 4 more episodes until I can revel in that episode in full! I WILL NOT SKIP EPISODES TO GET TO THAT ONE. NO. THAT IS NOT BETTER THAN BURNING THROUGH 4 IN A RUSH. (or is it??).

eta: damn it. I did not realize it was a two-parter. So on the one hand, only 3 more episodes! On the other hand, I have spoiled a crucial moment of part 2. Not the most crucial part, but still.

eta #2: I might have spoiled myself on the most crucial a.k.a. cuddly post-reunion bed part too. *hangs head*

eta #3: I am basically watching the entirety of 7x15 at this point in random scene order, send help to take me down.

eta #4: 2-parter watched in full. Boom. No regrets. I'll just probably need a while to recover/process it all.
Tags: castle

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