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Answering survey questions restores energy.

Or at least I pretend it does.  Anyway, these are fun.


1 - What was your reaction to the first episode you ever watched?
CSI - I honestly don't remember; I was probably vaguely entertained by the mystery but I'd never watched procedurals before so I assume I was largely indifferent
Miami - Was touched by Horatio's rapport with the little girl at the end of "Cross Jurisdictions"
NY - "God, this show is drab."

2 - When did you realize you wanted to meet other fans of your show(s)?
CSI - After the season 5 finale [2005]. I simply wanted a question answered about the episode.  What I found was Talk CSI.
Miami - sometime in the middle of season 4 [2/06]; I figured there had to be other people who were as impressed with Horatio's character as I was becoming
NY - [10/06] Near the early part of season 3; as soon as I fell in love with the show I wanted to hear other peoples' thoughts on the episodes

3 - Do you think there was a moment when your show(s) came close to "jumping the shark"?
Not on NY, but for CSI it was the start of season 6 - by December it seemed GSR was never going to be brought up again, in which case I was bored.  As for Miami, "Season 5."

4 - What song do you think would best relate to your favorite character(s)?
I am terribly unoriginal, and I cannot think of any on my own.  However, via other peoples' fan creations, there are a couple of characters and songs that are inextricably linked in my mind...

Sara: Avril LaVigne, "Nobody's Home"
Madison: Jimmy Buffet, "Delaney Talks to Statues"

5 - What story arc on your show(s) do you think was done the best?
Nothing outside the Miniature Killer is coming to mind at the moment.  [Edit: Oh, and clearly, Marisol.  Death and all.]


1 - When was the first moment you realized that you truly loved the show?
The end of "Not What It Looks Like."  The Mac/Peyton stuff of the week before got me primed, and the D/L hug in this one gave it the extra boost to the forefront of my radar.  I was in love.

2 - What do you hope to see next season?
I want Peyton to stay.  That is all I dare to ask for.

3 - If you were to pair up two characters for a competition of some sort, what would the competition be and who would you choose?
I'm sure it's not very original, but Flack and Danny at darts or pool, take your pick.  

Failing that, a Scrabble faceoff between Mac and Peyton.  I think I could be entertained by that for a disturbingly long time. 

4 - What would your ideal set-up be for a crossover with one of the other CSIs (ie, what kind of case, what circumstances for the other show coming over, etc)?
Horatio's very talented at finding reasons to come to New York, let's have another one of those.  Only this time, let's delve even further into his past with the city.

5 - Of all the characters, who do you think provides the funniest lines?
Is there even a question here?  Flack, without a shadow of a doubt.
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