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Today on Adventures in Jury Duty: hang out for 3 hours, then get released again and told I don't have to come in tomorrow. Guess we'll see if anything happens Friday.

  • My new favorite summer dessert: thawed frozen pineapple combined with Cool Whip. Optional additions: fresh strawberries & blueberries.

  • Last week I caught a click beetle who had been flying about the room and terrorizing me. I trapped him under a glass container because he was too big to squish without making a mess, intending to throw him outside in the morning, but I ended up keeping him prisoner for 24 hours first because he was so flippin' entertaining. I mean "flipping" literally. Over and over again, he would try to climb the walls, fall on his back, and then flip himself upright with spectacular jumping action and a fantastic click sound, aided by the clink of hitting the top of the jar.

  • A few weeks ago, Goodwill had like 8 different seasons of Friends for $5 each. After much agonizing over which I wanted most, I bought season 5 and hoped the rest would still be there when they went down to 50% off, but of course they were all bought first. Fast-forward two weeks later, the same Goodwill has not one but TWO copies of just that season, now priced at $4. *headdesk* But maybe it's for the best. The DVD quality + crappy aspect ratio is really upsettingly bad compared to the beautiful HD and properly formatted widescreen I'm used to seeing in TV reruns.

Tags: food, friends, life

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