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Why should I try to resist when baby, I know so well / I've got you / under my skin?

WHAT UP, WORLD. I am officially four episodes away from being caught up on Castle, something that has not been true for 2 years and 9 months. In celebration, I spent some of my night reading back my old posts and watching myself fall in love. And yet I STILL don't understand how Season 4 Me was able to stand them not being in a relationship in real time. It's a greater mystery to me than how I watched season 2 of Numb3rs. How was friend chemistry with some UST ever enough? (I know that the answer, like Numb3rs, is largely "because the family scenes made up for it," but it's so hard to believe.)*

[*actually it does appear there was another reason]
Voice: these are ACTUAL WORDS from you on 4x12: The show has progressed from barely tolerable, and only when excessively shippy, to excellent at all times and in all respects. I apparently cannot get enough of Castle & Beckett doing anything together, as their working relationship is as much a joy to watch as anything overt (Booth and Bones had nothing on this).
RS: I'm so confused by how I was able to stand them not being in a relationship.]
- I accidentally went and found this gorgeous fanvid set to "Red Robin" (interspersed with spoken clips) that made me cry. I have not watched a lot of fanvids in this fandom, but I'm still p. sure this is the best I've ever seen. I would not trade our newfound Domestic Bliss mode with him & Beckett for anything, but I do sometimes feel that the father-daughter affection has been pushed aside a bit to make room for it, so it was nice to revisit these moments. Or more accurately, view many of them for the first time.

Bonus: A whole bunch more moments I mostly do not recall ever seeing. (part 1)
[spoiler-cutting this embed for fussy computers]-

And then I kind of just spent at least an hour on YouTube, watching various other clip compilations and marveling in the beauty of this show and how there's more than one way to love it: you can of course enjoy full epsiodes, but you can also equally just watch it as a series of thematic clips (thanks to a dedicated fandom) like "Castle and Beckett's Unforgettable Mom & Dad Fights" or "best of season 6 LOL moments" and get equal joy.

Also, I've decided that from now until this show ends, I will no longer look at current-show shipper polls because if Castle and Beckett aren't winning everything then I will get stabbity, as they are the only solid and soulmatey love left on the television landscape. I am pretty sure this is in no way a hyperbolic statement.
Followed by, of course, my reviews for the next set of episodes.

7x16, The Wrong Stuff: Good thing this case didn't happen a week earlier. Imagine Castle learning he'd missed out on the opportunity to put on a spacesuit and walk around Fake Mars. I also enjoyed him inspecting her neck for weird alien pregnancies in the spooky underground basement section. But wow, those were some devious-minded geniuses (you'd think one of them would have been able to know the black box was a bluff after everything else they anticipated).

As for the crowded loft, I'd really like to know more about Alexis's new pal David ASAP, but the real gold here is in the possibility of Martha moving out. Do you have any idea how happy that would make me? Infinity happy.

Caskett front: one pretty kiss before Alexis interrupts to smirk at them to get a room (Castle: We would...IF THERE WERE ANY LEFT!), and yet another anvil-y reference to future babies. I just remembered that time traveler saying they have three kids, and I just realized how much I am not okay with them having more than one. Otherwise you're creating a complete family on which Alexis is tacked on like a leftover. I don't care if that's not how she would feel or how it would happen, that's how I would feel.

7x17, Hong Kong Hustle: Ryan's new shorthand for them is "Castles." I love it. And I'm glad that the SuperCop's home life wasn't all that, because her globe-trotting career immediately sounded sad and lonely and not at all like anything Beckett should aspire to. With that worry out of the way, I could just enjoy Beckett's "I don't know whether to hate her or worship her" style of bonding. Also, I really enjoyed her ninja-like double-disarming of Ryan & Espo.

Caskett-wise, I quite enjoyed Beckett perking up and aggressively straddling him upon hearing him randomly make up literary quotes. Better than Patterson, indeed.

7x18, At Close Range: A good Ryan feature, sadly absent any Caskett-style home scenes with Jenny during the time period he's beating himself up, but it's good to know his brother in law is the husband from Ghost Whisperer. Even if that guy is now probably taking a plea deal to do some jail time. I'm always down for anything that showcases Ryan The Upstanding Family Man, whether that family is the one he was raised in or the one he's created.

7x19, Habeus Corpse: a quirky case of two late-night-TV-ad ambulance chasers, remniscient of the Bigfoot case, namely when they were caught out in the woods by a large pit they feared might become their graves. But more importantly, a strong B-plot featuring Castle's love of competition with the boys tempered by Beckett's secret extreme stage fright, and all of the following highlights:

-Me watching Ryan & Esposito's rehearsal to "Get Lucky": "nothing has ever made me happier than this moment."
(I can't even imagine how great that looked with the helmet and Pharell hat and sequiny jackt and Espo's light-up sneakers)

-The joy in Castle's eyes waiting for Gates to officially refer to him as a celebrity and ask him to replace Kimmel. I love their rapport so much.

-So many things to like about the morning scene: Beckett helping Alexis study, Alexis giving them each a goodbye kiss on the cheek, and extended entendres after she leaves.

"You could have made chief justice. You have all the qualifiactions - you're smart, you're intimidating, and you look very, very good in a robe."
"Wow. Hmm. Care to take a ten minute recess in my chambers?"
"If it please the court I would."
Phone: *rings*
"I think we're going to need a continuance."

-The only time I don't entirely mind Martha is when she's giving genuine relationship advice, so I liked Beckett explaining her fears.

-Awww, Beckett's shy little "I didn't want you to think less of me." Complete with elevator kiss.

-And the BONUS SURPRISE SHOWER DUET, COMPLETE WITH SILHOUETTES. That is the most unexpected and gratuitous scene since the extended edition of "Always" and I LOVE IT.
By the way, my new go-to source for recaps is Gossip and Gab. I don't know if they exist prior to season 7 but they're wonderfully thinky (definitely more analytical and familiar with show canon than I could ever be), and include screencaps, quotes, and (at least temporarily, from video clips of the most important parts. I love reading from people with a genuine love for a show that I also love. It's almost like having LJ back.
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