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(as of July 3, anyway. I kept forgetting to post this)

1. Rookie Blue is the worst show for relationships ever. It's worse than Glee. It is just absolutely the most irreponsible handling of a central couple that I have ever seen on television. I need to talk about this season's central arc, based on what TV Line says.

Rookie Blue‘s Season 6 premiere left Andy near tears with good reason: her boyfriend is going to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend Marlo



I mean, I am personally offended as an innocent bystander, never mind how viewers must feel (although tbh if they've lasted this far still invested in this couple's soulmatehood, then they are probably polygamists or sociopaths at heart).

LORD how I am glad I laughed this ship off the playing field in season 1 and never looked back. Dodged quite the long-lived bullet there.

Anyway, to answer the question, what's my one rule? No extracurricular babies. I have brought ships back from the brink over a lot of seemingly unforgivable offenses, but extracurricular babies are an irredeemable dealbreaker. There is no coming back from extracurricular babies. Not unless the superfluous parent conveniently dies within 6 months (preferably 0-1 months) of the birth and your OTP steals the baby to raise as their own. No one should try to make it work with a daily reminder that your partner is having an experience that you are not, and having it with their ex.

I may have stronger than usual feelings about this because I narrowly avoided this situation on Under the Dome, and I'm frankly not sure we've completely escaped the danger. But still. This isn't Grey's Anatomy, okay, you don't have seven ships to screw with on any given day. You've got ONE ship, and everyone knows that when you have one ship, you're supposed to Castle it up with an allotment of One Major Obstacle Or Breakup per series.

But then again, to again quote in Barney Stinson's tone...it's Canadian. That probably explains it.

2. I rather casually clicked on a movie trailer for "Unexpected" because I saw Cobie's face and I am now SCREAMING FOR JOY.
[embedded here]-


Cobie Smulders! Tragically in her short-haired period, but still.
Married to Pastor Casey! (little known fact: when two perfectly matched B-level faces pair up, they react to spontaneously create A-level chemistry)
Having a baby!
Connecting with a pregnant student!
Words like "a good natured comedy about life's happy surprises"! (HAPPY surprises being the key point. I've gotten burned by two trailers recently that are like "you know what'd be cool? Legitimizing abortion.")


3. Then I finally decided to click on the trailer for "Con Man" since Nathan Fillion was in it, and once I got a feel for the tone and understood that the title was short for "convention man," a rainbow exploded from my chest and my eyes turned into hearts. It looks exactly like the "everybody come play at Joss Whedon's house" pet project that As You Like It was, except this time it's at Alan Tudyk's house and looks like it's going to be way more entertaining. Plus, I can watch this one with boyfriend.

4. The 1-night spectacular production of "Bombshell" that was the Actor's Fund benefit did so well that they're making it a full-fledged production! With lesser-known actors but many more nights. Things I Regret Not Being Able To Afford To Go To New York For List, GO! #Smash, The Little Show That Could And Kept Going

5. Criminal Minds is bringing crime show frequent flyer Aisha Tyler on board to replace JLH. WOOHOO! Golly, this show has been on fire with the replacement-casting success ever since I started watching it. These are probably related.

HOLY HELL HOLY HELL HOLY HELL THERE IS NO OTHER PIECE OF NEWS ON EARTH THAT COULD MAKE ME WANT TO RETURN TO THIS SHOW THAN THAT. It has been a looooong four years of waiting for his handsome face to cross my radar. He is the only man who could take McDreamy's place in my heart. I don't even care what his character is like. If I forgave Owen Hunt's entrance I could even handle McSleazy 2.0. (because Henderson does not, after all, have a calculating lion face and could not look sleazy if he tried). I know nothing about what his character is going to be like, and I don't even care.

P.S. Oh dear, found this on another site: It was previously reported that Rhimes has been on the hunt for an actor to play a handsome new surgeon to appease fans still grieving the loss of Derek Shepherd.

NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WORKED. Where's that Office .gif of Pam whispering "I think you might be a witch"?
7. Lastly: I think this is the first year since I heard of it it in 2007 that I haven't cared at all about not being at Comic Con. I don't think there's really anything of significant interest left. 2008-2010 would have been the ideal time period in which to go, and while there have still been good draws, ever since then both the con and I have been shedding super-fandom shows at a steady rate until there are either one or none left.

8. It also looks like Chris Colfer isn't coming any closer than Illinois this year, so I am now gladder than ever that I went to have him sign my book last year. :)


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Jul. 12th, 2015 09:58 pm (UTC)
This has nothing to do with this post really, but you are on my mind because I started watching Blue Bloods via netflix this summer. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do it is crime shows. There are definately plot holes and corniness abounding, but the family love more than makes up for it. Also the positive portrayal of religion and marriages and family in general makes me happy! I could almost blog like you do, but I am not that awesome.
Aug. 5th, 2015 10:55 pm (UTC)
I am catching up on my LJ doings and WHAT DO MY EYEBALLS FIND HERE but a Rookie Blue mention???

Listen, making one half of my otp a baby-daddy to someone who is not the other half of said otp was terrible and I thumbs downed that decision from day 1, BUT! It also led to great things like this scene:

So, yeah, Sam may have a baby with some other lady (that he got pregnant in one of those terrible lulls where Sam and Andy weren't even remotely together) but he's got a PUPPY! with Andy. That's loads better.

(Plus they wrapped up the season by GETTING MARRIED. That's all I ever ask for in a 'ship. Take it straight to marriage.)

Anyway, hi, hello.
Aug. 6th, 2015 06:38 am (UTC)
Why, hello!

Okay, fine, the puppy is pretty darn adorable and also a high rarity relationship achievement for television, but it still does not quite negate the fact that this show has somehow put me on team Abandon Your Kid For The Greater Good.

I need more information, like was this baby the result of a super casual hookup/casual relationship, ideally where Marlo dumped him first, or was he actually in love with her before realizing "Oh sweet, Andy's available again, bye!" ?

(or some other reason where he's not at fault. I guess that is possible too.)
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