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I dunno, I just feel an intense connection to LJ this week.

I didn't have to go down to the courthouse on Friday either; apparently only 7 jurors were sworn in the whole week, so I am now off the hook since apparently my county is one of two in the state where the minimum time to serve (if not picked for a case) is only one week rather than two. I DEFINITELY picked the right date when I chose a random week to postpone my original summons to.

I celebrated by going to Half Price Books to take advantage of my 40% & 50% off one item coupons yesterday & today. I also ran into a boatload of awesome stuff on clearance, so while I did end up spending $17.15 in the end, I feel like I got quite a good bang for my buck.

1. The "Lucky" Guide to Mastering Any Style
Oh man, this is EXACTLY what I wanted: a magazine-like book to page through for fashion advice. SO MUCH FUN. I found it in about 2 seconds after looking at the clearance section.

2. The ELLEments of Style
And then I found another one!

I had a free subscription to Elle (thanks to Coke Rewards) for an entire year and was consistently disappointed in the lack of interesting cover subjects and minimally interesting fashion for which I had selected it. But this lovely book, published 2010, is nothing but neat women talking about their neat lives and showcasing cool fashion pieces. OK, I admit it, I bought it mostly because the first person was Lea Michele. But I am finding that I love all of it. It's like a scrapbook of all the best magazine features without any ads, politically charged opinion pieces or sex advice.

3. Fairweather Duck by Vincent Dethier (1970) and Come on Seabiscuit (1963) by Roger Moody.
Two darling vintage books -- $2 and $1, respectively -- the former of which is a nonfiction memoir about a family fostering a wild duckling and the latter of which is a juvenile nonfiction book recounted in rather novelesque format.

4. My most exciting score, in CD form: Lana del Rey's "Born to Die" with the 2 bonus tracks I like. I've been wanting this for over 3 years and having bonus tracks if just amazing. I used my coupon and got it for $4. The cheapest online copies are $12. Score!

5. Two neat books on organizing (ANOTHER thing I have really been craving), published within the last 5 of which I have already lost. GDI. You see why I need these, though.

[edit: it was literally at my feet under the fashion books I bought, while I fruitlessly searched for 20 minutes. This book is SO NEEDED.]
Tags: thrifty shopping

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