RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I regret to inform you -- with no regret at all -- that I am watching Zoo.

Zoo looked ridiculous and melodramatic as all get out...but boy, I will follow James Wolk's handsome face with very little resistance (remember that time The Office made a big deal out of how supposedly good-looking Timothy Olyphant was? I feel like James Wolk is actually that type of person).

And it is is indeed cheesy and melodramatic and ridonkulous, but in a way that makes it cracktastically awesome. Breezy fun, in a people-getting-mauled-to-death way. Plus lots of real animals!  I plan to continue having a good, emotional-investment-free time all summer.

[edit from Future Me: "emotional-investment-free" HAHAHAH could I BE laughing any harder right now?]

Other things I like, besides the obvious thrill and mystery:

-My aforementioned favorite's character, whose name I must learn is Jackson, managing to look almost as good scruffy and grimy as he did all cleaned up as an advertising exec on The Crazy Ones. It's the Ruggedly Handsome effect. You have to respect someone who's working out in the open all day and comfortable with nature like that, especially harboring the utmost respect for wildlife. Also, his mom is adorable and so is his relationship with her. Also that bromance he's got going on with...Abraham. Abraham, really? Okay.

-Unexpected Billy Burke, whose nerd glasses are thus far doing nothing at all to distinguish his new "veterinary pathologist" self from his bad-ass ex-military/modern revolutionary killing machine self on Revolution.  It's a combination of the scruff and the porcupine attitude. I'm just really liking his cranky don't-bother-me-ugh-fine-tag-along-and-BE-annoying vibe with Chirpy Investigative Journalist Jamie Campbell, 20-odd years his junior and cheerfully un-bothered by whether he likes her or not. It's reminding me of a Doctor/companion partnership.

-The spine-chilling moments where nothing awful is actually happening, but you're just supposed to dread. Like trees filled with a herd of domestic cats, or a sinister little Jack Russell luring a man to a deserted area to face a pack of larger feral dogs before going home and curling up all innocently. (small dogs, man. Can't trust them. Although on that note, I would think well-treated pet dogs would be the very last creatures on earth to rise up against people.)

-I am exceedingly lukewarm on Chloe so far, with the exception of my delight when she's speaking French and I'm abnormally proud of myself because I can understand half of what she says without subtitles. Granted, most of that is really simple stuff, but still. It's awesome when you can be like, "that translation is accurate, but I also know the exact sense conveyed by the original words." (e.g. "Are you okay?" / "I'm fine" being the translation of "ça va?" / "ça va" in different tones.)
Tags: tv commentary, zoo
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