RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"I'm an acquired taste."

Snarky Mitch has surpassed Jackson as my favorite thing about Zoo, even though that's hardly a fair comparison. (It's weird to have the almost mythical, gallant-quest-for-truth-and-good otherworld that is Jackson's storyline collide with the very present, oft-sarcastic and everyday one of the Americans, like watching two shows on different networks cross over). Also I'm 50% of the way to my inevitable shipping of Mitch/Jamie. He's already making personal attacks on people who upset her; it's fate.

Next comes the protective posturing (animals are hell bent on murder and they're about to get in the way; this can't be long in coming), and then the "oh crap not sure if romantic or more like daughter" conflict about said protectiveness, and next thing you know the only question is will he admit she's wormed her way into his heart, or will she admit she's not just flirting for professional gain?

Also, the horses were super pretty until we saw their poor ruined eye sockets -- I love how my heart instinctively leapt with excitement upon seeing them before remembering that animals on this show = danger -- and the coordinated wolf pack attack on the prison, killing everyone in their path and starting a fire to burn the rest alive, was super great. WHO GONNA RUN THIS TOWN TONIGHT.

(GUYS, GREAT IDEA. By the end of season 1, someone should make a creepy, dramatic video set to Rihanna's parts of "Run This Town" for Zoo. You can't tell me this would not be amazing, if you could edit out the verses that don't make any narrative sense.

Feel it coming in the air...and the screams from everywhere...)

Tags: loltastic, tv commentary, zoo

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