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TV Shows Outside My Usual Purview

I watched a 22-year old episode of Seinfeld last night and it was wild. Versions of Jennifer Coolidge and Lisa Edelstein so young that I had to squint at the screen and really stretch my brain to identify them, and still had to verify with IMDB. Jennifer looks like a different person when you can see the color of her eyes, and Lisa looks quite nice with thicker eyebrows.

I also kind of half-watched an episode of Scandal while playing Neopets. This is the second one I've seen most of (only because they sandwich it between more appealing Castle and Leverage reruns on Saturday night), and I gotta say, I do not understand why this show is so successful when it is so DULL.

So I'm going to talk through it and see if that helps.

There were two times it stopped being boring: on the plus side, when the brilliant Khandi Alexander showed up all cool and murderous and basically the superior version of this "Cookie" person everyone talks about (just heard Khandi has a Guest Star Emmy nom for 2015, and I know it's not for THIS performance but I can immediately see that she should win it). I sense she has all kinds of good reasons to kill everyone in her path and I wish her well.

(and to a lesser extent, I took a very instant shine to Miss Darby Stanchfield, a.k.a. Abby a.k.a. The Original Mrs. Gibbs & Mrs. Castle. She was really the only reason I didn't turn it of immediately)

On the downside: good grief, Olivia Pope is aggravating. First with that grating "What. Do. You. Need." Over and over and OVER until I wanted to scream, and then when she just started smug-as-hell needling and needling and NEEDLING that guy, all proud of her ability to ruin such people, and oh my GOD. The one clear impression I've gotten from firsthand viewing experience is that the president is the grossest and most two-timing slimeball ever and I do not understand why everyone in his administration, especially her, isn't trying to take him down from the inside. MELLIE FOREVER.

[Real talk: why isn't this a show about how Olivia ditched her horrible boss at the end of season 1 and ran off to shape Mellie into a politician, possibly after helping convince her to leave that philandering scumbag?]

Speaking of annoying things, I don't understand why she came walking in all hollow-looking and dead-eyed about sleeping with some (attractive, if slightly crazy) guy for info right after she's just had an apparent field day telling that other guy how he has to choose between a woman he recently professed to love, and anything resembling the professional career he's built. Suck it up and deal like you've been telling everyone else to. This seems like the least objectionable assignment anyone has completed today.

Although I will admit to satisfaction in anything that got her to look upset, because by the end of her aforementioned rant (to Andrew, it says his name is), all I wanted was to ruin HER by plunging her into the depths of poverty and perhaps incarceration just for kicks and giggles. Maybe hiring her mom to kill everyone she holds dear. And I also got the sense that the politician she was talking to was not the greatest or most honorable of guys, so that really tells you something about how badly this character sketch has backfired.

SO. People who watch Scandal: what are the big fandom opinions? Am I wrong or right? All I know is that Olivia Pope is the darling of the world for some reason, and that the on again/off again Olivia/Fitz is like the OTP or something? Not sure if only in canon or also fandom-supported, but this has been very confusing for me since I just tonight learned that Fitz and the gross president are one and the same, and what the damn hell WHO IS WRITING AND/OR ROOTING FOR THAT.

(note: the other episode I saw included Fitz hissing at Mellie that if she tried to rise up and get what's hers in the wake of his jackassery, he would ruin her by painting her as a racist, and having had front-row seats to how the media/young people these days like to demand the tarring and feathering of anyone who seems to have ever been even slightly prejudiced, that struck quite a sore spot.)

TL;DR there is a reason I mimic Jim dying of boredom at his desk every time someone recommends a show set in the political hub of Washington D.C., and it is aaaaaaalll THIS.

Anyway, off to entertain myself by imagining an NCIS/Scandal crossover in which the team has a reason to investigate the murder of basically any of the main characters on the latter.

Update: I found this beautiful article in list form about why Fitz Is The Worst and I cannot stop laughing.

Olivia should dump Fitz. Mellie should dump Fitz. Everybody should dump Fitz. People who have never met Fitz should dump Fitz. White House tour groups should be brought through his office for the sole purpose of dumping him at the end of the visit.
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