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"What did you buy?" / "Ponies and pony books, of course!"

I went to a really great estate sale on Thursday & Friday. Specifically, it was great because despite getting there 4 hours after it opened, I FOUND PONIES.

They only had four of them, and maybe it was because nobody wanted to pay $4-8 a head for ponies in played-with condition. But what really blows my mind is that the baby pony, along with Barnacle (minus hat and scarf), were still there 3 hours into Half Price Day, at a time when the company was ALSO offering to let you fill a whole grocery bag for $10. Anyway, I bought the ones below. I am SO EXCITED to have the giraffe & camel!
Bonus: you can see one of my new organizing books and also the reason I need it.

She came wearing the dress. It's a doll's dress, not an official pony item -- I think she's trying to blend in as a pony by hiding her hump, so I'm letting her keep it. Also the baby pony is supposed to be blue -- like bright blue. There is some serious fading going on in that teal body.

I bought the giraffe full price and got my parents to buy me the camel by batting my eyelashes and saying, "Pretend you bought me an extra Christmas present in 1992!"

 I did not buy Barnacle because I already have a version of him, I didn't find enough to make the $10 bag worth it, and I don't spend more than $2 for ponies I already have unless they're in better condition (plus my Barnacle is named Pirate Treasure and he's from my personal childhood collection. Ponies from the Childhood Herd are with me for life). I still felt the need to apologize to the other three for leaving their patriarch behind.

Side note: you should know that on the first day, while I was still deciding which single pony I could afford that day, I saw a girl of 8-9 come downstairs with her mom. As fast as humanly possible, I snatched up all the ponies and casually walked away until they left and I could put back the spares. I'm not proud of this.

To be fair, you should also know that as soon as I came downstairs and my eyes landed on them on the first time, I involuntarily let out an audible gasp and shot my grabby hands out in front of me while I was still 10 feet away before I realized what I was doing. Ponies are SRS BSNS.

I also bought 5 books I foolishly did not take pictures of, upping my total spent between books and ponies to $14.75.

  • A Horse of a Different Color - Steve Moody, 1968

  • Home to the Island - Mable Esther Allan, 1961

  • Mountain Pony and the Pinto Colt - Henry Larom, 1947 (1960 paperback edition)

  • Prairie Colt - Stephen Holt, 1956 (1960 paperback edition)

  • I'll Trade You An Elk - Charles Goodrum, 1967 (inscribed to the house's owners "from Mom & Dad" Christmas 1969)

(side note: I read this one today and it was WONDERFUL. It also heavily piqued my curiosity in the history of the small zoo, both before and after the book's time period, which led me to spend a couple of hours searching for info on the web and then intra-library-loan ordering a 2011 history book that supposedly has detailed accounts of the zoo from that era. Can't wait to get my hands on it).

It was a really great sale, with just a ton of old toys (none more recent than late 90s), including a tub of Legos, a Strawberry Shortcake doll, some Fisher Price toys and a lot of 1950s toy cars, and books everywhere you looked, including tons of old children's books. Unfortunately, most of the kid stuff was stored in the basement. Meaning most of the wonderful old juvenile books were musty and/or mildewed, and there were dozens of really awesome-looking vintage board games, but they were so gross I didn't even want to touch them. *deep sigh*

But still, it was a 3-story house (counting the finished attic), not of any great architectural note, but packed from top to bottom with only a few rooms closed off. And so much of it was similar to things I owned that it was kind of like looking at a vision of my future. Even found a 1949 high school yearbook, which it took some willpower for me to put back, but I do NOT need more yearbooks from people I don't know, especially from areas I am not familiar with. We thought it was so neat we looked up the owners of the house, and found that the husband had passed away 3 days prior to the sale (which I'm assuming had been in the planning stages before that) at the age of 88, and that he and his wife of 62 years had 7 kids, 6 grandkids, and 2 great-grandchildren.

My dad got a Peter Max paper airplane book for a quarter -- it has a stain on the inside cover and some of the airplanes have been removed, but he said it's still a collectible item. With Amazon prices starting at $3.50 (versus the 1 cent common books start at), he may be right. And my mom got two really pretty necklaces.
Edit: fudge. I just inspected Pirate Treasure, and he has a couple of glaringly obvious cancer spots I've never seen before -- I was so proud and thankful that none of my ponies had this! -- and I also think he is more faded than the one I didn't buy. Pony cancer is the one thing that would make me cull a member of the Childhood Herd. *headdesk*
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