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In July 2015 I found an old Tumblr survey on my computer that I forgot to post to LJ. I feel these responses are rather time-locked to the time I wrote them in, so I'm going to backdate the whole post here.
The survey was designed for one fandom, but I didn't like all of the questions so I decided to trim a few and then make it a 4-for-1 based on the total current number of shows I feel actually qualify as "fandoms," mostly because I love how I color-coordinated the last fandom survey. I also filled it out in 10 minutes, so the brevity should impress you.

1. Alright, what’s your fav thing about your fandom?
Glee: it's ENORMOUS and very active
Sleepy Hollow: Orlando Jones on social media
Under the Dome: the positivity!
Castle: everyone ships the same OTP, and I've never seen anyone say boo about slash.

2. What annoys you/do you hate most about your fandom?
Glee: the amount of crossover with the Extreme Social Justice side of Tumblr that people rightfully mock as overly pretentious
Sleepy Hollow: everything is racism; the Katrina hate
Under the Dome: it's pretty small
Castle: its age demographic is younger than I expected. It seems to be a first ship/first fandom for many people, and some shippers can get...overly hysterical when it comes to worrying about a breakup and/or their sense of entitlement for how many domestic scenes we should get.

(In MY DAY, crime dramas didn't include romance. I waited six years on CSI for acknowledgement while gnawing on table scraps. I waited more than another year for a kiss. I can count the number of times they kissed on one hand.)

3. Favorite characters of each fandom
Glee: Sam, Blaine, Rachel, Tina, Quinn, Kurt, Ryder, Marley. Everyone except Ryder (so far) prone to being abruptly shunned from my inner circle on occasion.
Sleepy Hollow: Hawley, Abbie, Crane, Katrina, possibly in that order
Under the Dome: Julia, Barbie, Sam, Melanie, Joe. Of the ones still living. Or seeming to be living, Melanie.
Castle: the title character, Beckett, Alexis, Gates

4. Who’s you least fav char in this fandom? (look at me limiting myself to one!)
Glee: Unique
Sleepy Hollow: Henry Parrish
Under the Dome: BIG FREAKIN' JIM
Castle: Martha

5. Have a crush on any main chars?
(I would object to answering this juvenile phrasing at my advanced age, but whatever, today I think it'd be fun to just admit to it)

Glee: With a caveat about character ages and whatnot, Blaine, Sam, Ryder. I do not know how Tina ever chose a date for prom when she had these three to pick from.
Sleepy Hollow: No
Under the Dome: Barbie
Castle: No. [Future Me: I think you should reconsider this statement.]

6. Anything you want to say to the creator/s of your fandom?
(Voice: is this the reason you filled out the survey, by any chance?)
Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod and Abbie should NEVER legitimately hook or pair up in canon. Ichabod and Katrina should never be with other people. If you kill Katrina, I will quit the show.
Under the Dome: Please do not kill Barbie or Julia. Thank you.
Castle: You are doing a great job handling the relationship. Keep it up. Maybe avoid making Kate pregnant before the series ends, though.

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