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In which I finally get around to watching the remainder of last week's shows.

A) Making new friends is fun.  :) Welcome,[info]scsquidsnaps,[info]poins519 and [info]k_t_f

B) The Bones finale was far too bland to acknowledge its existence on the same night as those 4 other Emotional Rollercoaster shows, so review will be delayed if written at all.  Speaking of the 4th emotional rollercoaster...

C) As soon as I heard Crossing Jordan was being canceled, I made sure that by hook or by crook, I scrounged up enough tape space to record the series finale this week.  I ran over a saved episode of Lost for you, CJ...and I'm so glad I did.  It was utterly beautiful, and utterly satisfying.

I spent a great percentage of this episode with my mouth hanging open, staring at the screen so intently that I was afraid to blink lest I miss a frame of action.  Given that it opened on a turbulent plane ride with the whole cast on board (minus Lily), I thought I'd missed a "part I" episode the week before, and was about to kick myself before I realized they were simply chopping up the timeline and explaining the setup via flashback.  Okay, that works too.  Especially when your turbulent plane ride turns into a VIOLENT PLANE CRASH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SNOWY WILDERNESS!  Cue the literal jaw-dropping.

Thanks to TV magic, all the extraneous plane passengers die on impact while Jordan & Co. remain unscathed. Well, not really (poor Nigel), but at least they're all alive.  The lone exception to the extraneous characters is the co-pilot, who lives just long enough to bond with Bug over parenthood, musing fondly about his son and making me grow attached to him, before freezing to death.  Sigh.  But better him than a character I know by name.

Not that I would have minded bumping off Kate.  Still don't like her; the three episodes (counting this one) in which I've seen her have done nothing to diminish my "I want to smack her across the face" feeling.  However, I'll admit to a mild thrill over her and Nigel at the end.  The hand touch is a powerful thing.

Dr. Macy's internal injuries were a particularly high-stakes inclusion.  All bets are off in a series finale; if death looks imminent it might very well be, so about halfway through, I started biting my nails. When it went sliding into musical montage mode, especially with Bug flashing back to being with Lilly and Madeline (which, FYI, caused me to melt from teh cute), I was going "No no no, you cannot end it here!  NO!  They cannot be left lost in the wilderness with no hope of rescue!!"  Even after we heard the sound of rescue arriving, I thought the show was going to take one last jacknife twist and have him succumb mere minutes away from help.  What?  I worry.  Thankfully, they were not that cruel.

Far and away the high point of the night?  Jordan and Woody kiss!! Okay, that's the Moment of Win that gets about a hundred rewinds.  The fact that the dialogue was predictable and a little cheesy is irrelevant because I wasn't sure they were going to go that way at all.  Thankfully, TPTB succumbed to Shiny Happy Optimism and let the fans have their way.  Everybody is safe and sound, and paired up with the people you always wanted them to be.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  And that, my friends, is how to end your show with your head held high.

I really should end my review right there, but because this can't be glee'd about enough...
Jordan!  With the confession of love! 
Woody!  With the kissing her! 
The show!  With the cancellation, so the above two never have to break up again!

I rarely focus on how much I love this couple, because I think there's some ugly history on this series I haven't seen where they were together and then were broken up, which is twice as bad as them never being together at all.  But at the end of the day, words cannot express how perfect I think they are for one another, and so with that ending, I can rest easy.  No, we didn't get to see them actually make it back safe and sound, and I'll have to rely on my imagination and possibly fanfic for Lily's reaction to both the plane being missing and everyone making it back okay, but my imagination is very good, so I don't think that's a problem.

I do, however, feel suddenly impatient to get back to school and my access to cable channels again.  I believe I'll be making a point to spend more time with reruns on A&E.

D) You know what was exactly the opposite of utterly beautiful and satisfying?  Grey's Anatomy.

I don't even know where to begin.  The dizzying amount of suckage is almost too much to comprehend.  And that was before I was convinced to go read Shonda's blog.  After which the rage only multiplied.  Hearing how pleased she is with herself, and how she thinks that hour of suck was some profound commentary on and exploration of life and love and self-affirmation, I feel like she's completely delusional.  I think the entertainment world has overinflated her sense of self-importance given the way they praise her for promoting diversity and...whatever else it is they give her awards for.  You know what else I'm beginning to think?  That she has never had a successful relationship in her life.  And possibly also that she has been surrounded by nothing but bad marriages her entire life.  It would explain a lot about her desire to constantly mix and match couples on this show, and figure it's going to be fresh and exciting only because everyone is single again.

People in relationships can be interesting too, you know.  It doesn't all have to be about the random dating/bed-hopping (something I thought we started to prove this season with Derek & Meredith, but...apparently that was all in my imagination).  What's more, married people can be interesting.  Even happily married people.  Shocker!  But no, no, Shonda's all giddy and pleased with herself because now that everyone is broken up (OH JOY!), we can apparently start having fun again.   From here on out, lines in italics are excerpts from said blog.

Both Burke and Derek needed to hit a relationship wall, each in their own ways

This is apparently her rationale for the two huge splits, and I don't really understand why.  I don't know about you, but it's been three seasons of Burke and Cristina together, and I have yet to be bored with their relationship.   The snark, sass, and occasional standoffs were supported underneath by a great deal of love, and that was what made them great - their ability to ride over the bumps intact.  I was so, so proud of you for not being afraid to let this one couple realize that a disagreement here and there is not grounds for breaking up any more than a struggling marriage is grounds for immediately calling "divorce."  Unless your last name is O'Malley.

What this season is about most of all – for all of our women – is  the idea of “having it all” is a myth.
Huh.   That's makes so much sense.  Because no woman, ever, in the history of the world, has been able to have a succesful marriage along with a successful career.  (Try to pick up the sarcasm in my tone.) 

A List of Things That Sucked (and one that didn't)
I was spoiled beforehand about Cristina not getting married, and yet while I was watching the episode, that little detail completely fled my mind.  So while I held my breath as Cristina started freaking outside the church doors, once Meredith channeled her inner Yang and barked the order the she WOULD get married...I sighed with relief.  Burke started walking down the aisle, but I still didn't get it.  I thought he was just going to check to make sure she was still coming.   I was waiting for him to go back to stand at the altar.  And...yeah, that didn't happen.  After she hastily assured him that she'd just had a minor setback but was ready to go, he gave a song and dance speech about how this wasn't her, he knew she'd changed herself for him, this wasn't her nature, blah blah basically, the best thing he could do for her was let her go.  Me: *staring at screen*  "What the FUCK."

Pardon me, my brain's just exploding from the idiocy of that statement.  Yes, she had a problem with the whole wedding business.  I had a problem with the whole big elaborate wedding business.  I saw her being pushed into that, and I didn't like it much, but eventually I figured she'd just made up her mind to power through it and escape to the considerably calmer other side.  Once she accepted the proposal, I've never gotten the sense that Cristina was really resisting marriage.  I mean, really, the essence of marriage is living with someone.  That's the major change, so if you already have that, and you're in love, and more importantly these two have already gone through a whole obstacle course of trial and tribulation without ever officially breaking much difference is a marriage license going to make in your day-to-day life, really?  (other than, perhaps, unpleasantly more time with Mama Burke)

Burke?  People are supposed to change.  They grow, they evolve, they become wiser and more mature.   So what, it's a problem that she cares about you enough to make occasional concessions?  That's how relationships are supposed to work.  Her temper and obstinance are part of her charm, yes, but it's not as if she's lost those characteristics.  She'll still tell you to shut up when she doesn't like your ideas and she'll gloat over every victory she has.  She's just also possibly developing an ability to compromise.  That does not make her spirit broken.

On a semi-related note, I still don't get why Mama Burke had a problem with Cristina's eyebrows - they're already thin and rather nicely shaped.   I also don't get how Cristina didn't stop her long before they were, what's the word, COMPLETELY GONE.

Oh, and Cristina sobbing her heart out in the apartment after realizing Burke had really left was probably designed to make me cry, but it didn't really make me feel so much sorrowful as rageful.   Like I wanted to send letter bombs.  Three 1 guess as to who they'd be addressed to.

Derek/Meredith: I don't understand what I'm supposed to think about these two anymore.  It's like they're different people every week, like there are five or six little Derek and Meredith action figures in a toybox, and each episode we randomly pull two of them out to play and see how they react to one another.  Will it be Supportive! Self-absorbed! Distant!  Emotional! or Happy!Derek today?  Should we play with Flirty! Depressed! Scared! Bright-n-Shiny! Or Dark-n-Twisty!Meredith?  Very few combinations are compatible with one another.

I've been watching faithfully for the past few months, and I still can't quite follow the line of logic that leads to Meredith (presumably) breaking up with him.  I was partly able to understand Derek talking about the woman he was flirting with; he was frustrated, and maybe it served as a kind of wakeup call to get her to pay attention.  You could twist that into ugly abuser's logic - harsh words to make her vulnerable, then come back all soft eyes and honeyed tones with declarations of eternal love, painting himself as Prince Charming - but I'd rather not.  I prefer to think of the locker room conversation as an apology not just for the morning, but for the past few weeks - the pushing her away at his trailer, the doubts over his race for chief, doubts over whether or not he could do this.  He shouldn't have doubted; she's the love of his life.  Even though I think he is justified in being hurt that she keeps running away from him; not from her friends, just him. 

And Meredith, apparently forgetting not just her old "pick me/choose me/love me" speech but also THE REASON SHE EVENTUALLY FOUGHT TO LIVE, does - what?  Runs away from him.  She does not take five extra seconds to point out that this is Cristina's wedding day and it's not really about them, it's about what she has to do for her best friend, because for some reason she's decided that Cristina's wedding is a metaphor for their relationship.  Mer, you know how I am constantly annoyed with you and your mopey, wishy-washy spinelessness?  This is why.

George/Callie: Callie wants to have a baby.  Gross.  And If you thought ADDISON wanting a baby came out of left field, try this.  It'd be one thing if she was trying to save her marriage with it, but I didn't really get that sense - not the way she came in rambling and seething about hormones driving her to this desire.  If she'd sat down and very seriously discussed it, possibly tossed the word love around and/or made reference to Addison and how she'd realized it too late...I might have believed that she had an ulterior motive up her sleeve. But this was just too crazy.  And George is a total idiot for being willing to dig himself even deeper into this hole when he still hasn't decided what to do about Izzie.  You'd think he would have learned by now that going into turtle mode only makes things worse.

George/Izzie: I don't even care anymore.  Can we just find a Denny 2.0?  Because that relationship worked for me.   Gizzie just...I don't even care enough to hate it anymore.  Its only redeeming quality, anyway, was to give me hope that Sara Ramirez would eventually be canned.

Alex/Ava: *repairs ship after smashing it on the rocks, christens it 'OTP'*  HAH!  I TOLD YOU ALEX LOVED HER!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha.  And she kinda feels the same way about him.  Suddenly I don't even care about her husband (although he was very sweet and doting and I felt bad for him), because I was on the edge of my seat when she stood there with tears in her eyes, pleading for him to "give her a reason to stay."  Me: "KISS HER!  OMG! Kiss her kiss her kiss her!  Come on!  Kiss the pretty redhead!  You kissed the other stupid redhead for absolutely no reason and made me have to go throw up as a result; the least you can do is give me something to squee over in return!"  But no, no, the one time I WANT a doctor to pursue an inappropriate relationship, I get snubbed.  *sulks in a corner* She didn't have to leave her husband for him or anything, I just wanted one damn kiss.  That ruined what otherwise could have been the second good thing about this ep.

Race for Chief Resident:
I wanted to put Bailey on the path of questioning her standing as The Chosen One.  

Really?  Mind telling me why?  I want her to kick ass, not question herself.  The doubting is unwelcome.
It's not so much I'm furious that Bailey lost as I am that now Callie will be her boss.  Uh-uh.  Callie doesn't get to boss Miranda around.  Nobody gets to order Miranda around.  There could potentially be some very ugly flare-ups down the line, I think if she tries it, and the worst part is that Bailey will technically be in the wrong if she goes against said orders.  And that...that just isn't right.  I'm sure Weber has some stupid rationale about giving it to her, like wanting to make sure she has enough time to spend at home with her family,  I don't care about that part of her life because I don't get to see it.  What I DO get to see is her at the hospital, being a spectacular leader.  I don't see Callie as a leader, really.  I see Callie very easily succumbing to a power trip.  When her personal life goes awry, she's going to take it out on her underlings.  Mark my words.

Race for Chief:
Um...yeah.  Strange rationale you have, Richard.  I'm glad you didn't go with Mark, but come on.  You deny Bailey the job as chief resident because you know from experience that this job takes over your personal life - and then you turn around and deny Addison the job because work is her life.  Does not compute.  That would seem to make her strangely perfect for the job.  Also, I really wanted to see her smirk and lord her power over Mark and Derek.  Failing that, Burke would have made an excellent choice. So what if he 'let you down'?   He remedied it.  He came back in full form.  He is qualified 20 times over to be chief.  But Derek?  Derek is the last person that I want to see running the hospital.  His personal life is such a mess that I wouldn't dare trust him to be able to handle all the stress of being the boss.  You fail, chief. Thank goodness you decided not to step down.  Except that might be a problem now that you're back with your wife.  Hey, speaking of that, the one thing this show got right for its finale... 

Beautiful.  They are so sweet and so perfect, I can hardly stand it.  I'm so glad they're back together.  It was so lovely and so touching and heartwarming that I won't even complain about the heart attack I almost had when I thought Addison was saying she'd died.  SEE?  MARRIED PEOPLE CAN MAKE COMPELLING CHARACTERS TOO.  Alas, then I read the blog, and Shonda even managed to put a damper on my happiness regarding this pair. 

For me, in the face of the supposed fairy tale playing out with Burke and Cristina, this is what real love is. After years of mistakes and pain and problems, real love is two people standing together, choosing to be together, despite all that has gone wrong.

Okay. This is where my rage spins out of control.  Yes, I agree that Richard and Adele are an example of real love.  Mature love.  Like I said, that part was beautiful.  But Christ, it doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to one couple like that!  And what really ticks me off - B/C =   supposed fairy tale?  SUPPOSED FAIRY TALE?!  Where the hell are you getting that from?  If anyone's a (supposed) fairy tale, it's Derek and Meredith.  The star-crossed lovers kept apart by chance and circumstance and a secret wife, fighting fears and insecurities only to come back to one another again and again.  Burke and Cristina's year has been filled with mistakes and pain and problems - but I always thought of them as the already-married couple, because they "stood together, chose to be together, despite all that had gone wrong."   They were real love, Derek and Meredith were only playing.  Now, I like Mer/Der well enough and I don't want to choose sides, but when you insult B/C like that, I won't think twice about it.

Intern Exam Results:
Finally, on the list of things that sucked, George failing his intern exam.  Um.  Random and stupid?  I'll pretend it's because he was so worried about Meredith not writing anything, because the only other explanation is that Izzie and her weird emotional manipulation so fucked with his head that he couldn't concentrate on anything else, and I'm trying to make myself like Izzie here.  Anyway, there's some potential for this angle to be interesting, if he's working in another branch of the hospital, but if he's being written off the show, I'll be rather cranky.

When all's said and done, the best thing I can say about this finale is that it wasn't full of sex.  That's something, I guess.

[ETA: I completely forgot about Lexie Grey at the end there.  That's another bad thing, as I've decided I really don't care about her, Chyler Leigh or no.  Also, should some sort of unnatural and horribly devastating Derek/Lexie hookup happen in the future, I hereby declare that said pairing will be known as Lexik.  It's really almost perfect how you can fit that "ick" sound in there.

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