RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

If you get lost you can always be found.

COIN PURSE FOUND, 23 days after it went missing, thanks to Dad.

It was deep beneath the passenger seat of my car, where I should have known to look harder. On the bright side, this means I don't have to replace my library card, I can immediately unpause all my library requests, and I have my adorable coin purse of convenience back.

On the downside, I already paid $15.75 to replace my license (you know, the one you only have to pay for every 4 years, THAT I JUST PAID FOR LESS THAN THREE MONTHS PRIOR) and also replaced my bank card, so now it's a hideous Christmas red (that I'm stuck with for 4 years!) instead of soft periwinkle, and I have a different number instead of the one I've had for over a decade. Plus renewal date is now August instead of June, the date I always loved because it reminded me that my dad helped me open a bank account immediately upon high school graduation.

Both replacements were technically wise choices to combat identity theft, since I could not be certain I had not lost the card somewhere out in the world, but it does sting that these things were also technically done for naught.

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