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Last night Chris and I went downtown for a walk, and on the way home we met a cat. Very friendly little tabby-and-white cat, wearing a collar with tag. He was casually walking along, but when he saw us heading closer he literally came RUNNING toward us out of his yard, banged his head into my leg to rub against it, and prompty flopped over on his back to roll around on the sidewalk. He soaked up attention like a dog and kept purring approval as we petted him.

In fact, this cat was so friendly that when it saw a large dog coming down the ran towards the dog,too. The owner said she had cats and let the dog sniff noses, but he lunged at the cat so she escorted him away. And the cat STILL TRIED TO FOLLOW HIM. Luckily we convinced it that it should come back for scratches. Even more luckily, the cat seemed content to go back to its yard when we started walking away.

Bonus: we were walking along the path by the lake at twilight, and we got to see lots of cute little bats swooping overhead*, plus we saw a deer come out of the marshes and graze aong the edge of the park.

*bats are very cute as long as they're small, outside, and in no danger of touching you. And that's despite Zoo spending the last two episodes highlighting bats gathering in swarms and generally being terrifying.
Tags: animals, christeph, life

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