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Just give me a sign there, just a subtle little glimmer.

Today in the library's book sale area, I found an autograph book from 1926! It's the size of a small hardcover and there are two dozen pages of lovely messages in (surprisingly legible) handwriting, with most people taking up a full page. It's so lovely and historic. Thank you to its original owner, Regina Bowen of Princeton High School, and side-eyes to the relatives who did not keep it, however distantly related.

That's a pretty good find for my first trip back to the library in 4 weeks!

Also, I went to a garage sale yesterday and petted a super-tall Springer Spaniel, and today I went to an estate sale and bought the cutest little Schnauzer figurine carved of some gray-and-white stone (possibly marble) with "ITALY" scratched on the bottom. The best part is that it was day 2 of a 3-day sale, but after I had been looking around for half an hour, they put up a sign saying the dog figurines -- there was a huge collection -- were now half price so I got the discount. (but lbr, even $5 was a steep price -- I would not have paid the original $10, even for one so nice that certainly cost more than that new)
Thoughts I've Had On Zoo Since Last Time

Episode 4: Yeah, I'm going to be forever haunted by the sight of those two women frozen to death, their apparent punishment for being research scientists/humans even after they got what appeared to be the warning message and let all their caged birds go.

In other news, enjoyed Abraham being the only thing standing between Mitch and a hunter-led ass-kicking because he can't stop mouthing off to hillbillies with guns.

Episode 5: First of all, I'm intrigued by the way the group is currently split into Jamie/Jackson and Mitch/Chloe/Abraham, mostly because I cannot believe I am not Pretty Factor shipping the first pair. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME that I can only see the first two people, who are both young and attractive, as having a sibling-like relationship, while I really kind of want both of them to hook up with the older partners in the other group?! (except less physical than "hooking up" with the first pair, and not really invested in seeing the latter two connect, I'm just saying I'd be more okay with it than the alternative).

But it's true, in the same way that I kind of like Mitch and Chloe having no physical chemistry but finding ways to get along anyway. And I like that Abraham is mostly there as a big, intimidating bodyguard who knows how the lay of the bribe land works in poor, sketchy, and poorly-patrolled-by-uncorrupted-police areas.

Second of all, I once AGAIN fell for the "awww, cute doggy!" moment before remembering that the only rule on this show is that you can't trust and definitely shouldn't love the animals. D'oh! I am not prepared to see Girl's Best Friend turn evil because of Reiden meds, okay, I'm just not. And speaking of that adorable little girl...HOLY CRAP, MITCH HAS A DAUGHTER AND IT'S HER.

I really wish Jamie had somehow been privileged enough to see everything we just saw, so that she could burst into Mitch's hotel room ASAP demanding something along the lines of, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, HOW COULD YOU ABANDON A SWEET LITTLE GIRL LIKE THAT, EXPLAIN YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY," etc. Mostly the last one. I really want to know Mitch's side of the story. I still don't see how he could come out of this positively, but even if he doesn't, I'd like to think this could be my first-ever instance of still loving a Jerk. Plus now there are 2 reasons I found watching Mitch get hit with a bat (the wooden kind) to be satisfying.

Also if you thought Mitch having a daughter who is only like 15 years younger than Jamie would stop me shipping them, because usually it does, you would be wrong. I'm still in that hands-off stage where I only want her to be jokingly flirty and for him just to find her an amusing/regularly aggravating sidekick whom he nevertheless finds charming, but it's on the right path to my fantasy headcanon of mirroring this Doctor/Rose fic about how to worm your way into a partner's bed in a non-sexual context until they get quite used to you being there.

Side note: I must say I enjoyed seeing the man forever known to me as Clavo Cruz swagger up as the apparent kingpin of a Brazilian street gang.

Still bored by the FBI agent, but he's the only thing I haven't enjoyed so far, so no big deal. And tbf, if Chloe is going to hook up with anyone, it should probably be him. They have a complementary blandness about them.
Meanwhile, after posting the abbreviated Response of Disappointment to 3x05, I have officially cast Under the Dome out of my viewing lineup. I am still attached enough to keep an eye on what people have to say in Tumblr's general tags, but until I get conclusive evidence that Barbie is normal again, I'm not going to risk subjecting myself to the gross hell and heartbreak that is him demonstrating affection toward some stranger bitch, or Julia being sad about it.

Although I am kind of intrigued by all the other parts I've heard about episode 7, like Sam Being Awesome and The Kids working closely with Julia again. I like it when she plays mom, or more accurately, The Cool Aunt. Plus next week is when Gia Mantegna shows up and I really feel like I should show up for her. Sigh.
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