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*is on spoiler lockdown*

*closes eyes, covers ears* Although it kills me, I am not visiting TV Squad nor reading LJ; I have not watched SVU or NCIS yet and I do not want to know anything more than the bare minimum I've gotten from Ausiello and Spoilerfix, respectively...couldn't focus on anything after 9 PM.

Holy crap, I was fantastically entertained by the entire final-2 show!  That hasn't happened since Justin and Kelly.

Except for the part where Ryan announced that the winning song was "This Is My Now." *flips out* WHAT THE EFFING HELL, WHY?  That song was a piece of garbage!  It was exactly the same useless tripe this show's official songwriters come up with every year; I thought the point of this competition was to get away from that!  Not to mention it was clearly a guy's song.  It sounded like it would be perfect for Bo Bice.  Plus, didn't the 2 finalists have different songs last year?  If there's a gender divide, there should be a guy's song and a girl's song.  A boring, generic and interchangeable song does not bode well for anybody.  But I digress, since we won't be hearing said song until the end.  Okay, good stuff, go!

Coin flip!  And Blake proceeds to be the sweetest person ever when he wins the flip, and then a) graciously asks Jordin what she wants, and b) gives her a hug and a fantastically long cheek kiss, and dammit why did I stop setting tapes 3 weeks ago?  THERE ARE ALWAYS REWINDABLE/PAUSABLE MOMENTS. 

Blake 1: Came back with that horrid mangling of "You Give Love a Bad Name" at which I yelped in dismay.  But then I kinda...sorta...liked it a little better than I did last time.  I loved the fact that he was clearly having fun, and totally looked like a real performer.  Most importantly he manages to not muck with the chorus too badly, although I still hate him for giving that extended solo to the dummer in lieu of actually, um, singing or even beatboxing for himself.  Still, not the worst I've ever seen.

Jordin 1: Will be singing Christina Aguilera's "Fighter."  Me: "Oh THANK GOD!"  I thought I was going to have to suffer through "I, Who Have Nothing" for the second week in a row, which is the kind of song you just can't listen to all that many times before you have to put it away for a while. Like a year.   But Xtina?!  Hell yes.  Because this is why I fell in love with Jordin in the first place: she sang young, fast-temp songs which, unlike almost all the other music on this show, I had actually heard before.   And she made this one sound completely fantastic, once she heeded my advice to "come on, get mad!" and put some power into it.

Blake 2: *spazzes out*  (in a good way) "SHE WILL BE LOVED!"  HE'S REALLY GONNA DO IT!  I am in love that song.  Girl with the broken smile has been my mantra for a wide variety of things.  The song itself has its uses in a variety of fanvids.  ...and then Blake starts singing and I'm 89% sure he's going to muss it up, but then he doesn't and what's more am I loving it and I'm becoming very uncomfortable with this fact.  Damn it!  Why must Blake make me love him tonight?  He's not getting one single solitary vote.  THIS IS AS FAR AS YOU GO, BEATBOX.  Your purpose in this competition was to entertain me to the end and see to it that you did something about getting rid of those unattractive people, but I do not want your name remembered in history as the sixth American Idol winner.  Time to tear down camp, Blaker Girls.  De-mobilize.  I refuse to admit that I got a little chill when he closed on his final note.  Jordin FTW! 
    In a semi-related note, Blake looked even skuzzier as a high school senior than he does now.  I don't know how that's possible, but that's what my notes say.  I'm guessing he had shorter hair.

Jordin 2: I'm still a little heartbroken she didn't go with "Hey Baby," because I am not effing kidding when I say that was my favorite delivery of hers, ever.  Only AI performance I've ever put on my MP3 player.   Still, I get why she went with this.  The chorus is truly incredible.  The problem is that the rest of the song is so drop-dead DULL it makes me want to violently stab the singer to make them cut it out.   *cries* The world is upside down and I love Blake and I bet Jordin is going to looose....*weeps in corner*

And then the episode gets very, VERY interesting.

It's time to bust out the bland, craptastic, extra un-inspiring "This Is My Now" fodder.   And Blake...does exactly what should be done with this song, which is yawn through it.  Seriously.  He's falling asleep on stage (Mom theorized he was only shuffling around/fidgeting to keep himself awake), and it seems fairly clear to me that he just absolutely depises this song.  Part of me also  wondered if Blake was deliberately throwing the competition to wriggle out of the strict AI contract, but I guess that point's moot after F3.  So I guess Blake just really, really hated it.  That's awesome in its own way.

But then Jordin takes it.  Mom actually thought it sounded more like a girl's song, and she insisted Jordin could bring something extra to it.  And holy CRAP, did she ever.  Pop star! Pop star!  Ding ding ding!  It was like it was a completely brand new song.  All of a sudden it was sweeping and majestic and pretty and damned if I didn't get so caught up in the performance that I about got a lump in my throat.  So I cannot in any way fault Jordin for getting emotional and choked up at the end.  Now, I cringed when I saw it, because I knew people were going to rip her to shreds for acting like she'd already won and was singing her finale song, but come on.  People have building her up for weeks to be the potential shock winner if Melinda got boring.  She's singing in a new venue, a much bigger venue, and if you're in a mood to be manipulated by cheesy feel-good lyrics that signify the Power of American Idol - and if you're in the Kodak theatre, you kind of have to be - I assumed that this is the first time it really hit her that not only was she part of this huge phenomenon, but that she really could win this thing.  She got overwhelmed, the tears spilled over.  She was obviously disappointed with herself for not being able to fight them back long enough to hit the final note.

And then the show closes on Daughtry, who looks even nastier than I remember, with his copious amounts of smeary eye makeup some nasty soul patch fuzz.  His bandmates don't look much better.  SERIOUSLY.  Who in their right minds pays money to watch a rock band perform?  The people look so creepy, I don't even want to watch them perform for free from the comfort and safety of my living room.  Just give me the MP3 of what is admittedly a lovely song, and don't make me think about the people singing it.

Am now merrily dialing 1-866-IDOLS-06 just to hear Jordin's chirpy voice thank me for voting for her.  Well, okay, I only listened to the message in full once, but that's because I'm busy sending as many votes her way as possible.  Seriously, America, you've strung me along against my will for such a long time, always by dangling the promise of Jordin advancing as a lure to keep me coming back to a show I hated. It would be cruel not to give me payoff at the end. 
-Law & Order: CI
(um, this is rambly and largely incoherent.  I'm not used to talking about this show; only watched it tonight on a whim since House was pre-empted for reality show idiocy that makes Idol look like an Oscar-nominated film

I mean, Criminal Intent is automatically 50,000 times better when it's the Logan & Wheeler show (yay I learned their names this week!) instead of creepy Bobby Goren, but still.  The best it ever does is occasionally intrigue me with a really good mystery.  It does not have the ability to make me care about the personal lives of its characters.  Ever.  I'd as soon care about Jack McCoy.

And yet, what do I do tonight?  I fall hook, line and sinker for the random woman (Holly) who strolls up to Logan at the bar, and decide I like her because a) they're flirting but she's kinda cute and shy about it, and b) she's from Minnesota (or so she says).  In some ways, I feel very much like Holly, since I don't know anything about Logan as a character.  However, I manage to fall for him (and the sheer adorableness of the pair) at approximately the same rate she does.

At no point do I feel even the faintest hint of alarms or warning bells going off in my head.  Being the blissful idiot I am, I'm too busy smiling over their novel but utterly welcome decision to introduce such a nice recurring character.  Yes, I actually thought recurring.  *hands head*

Not ten minutes later she's a bloody mess on the ground, and I'm unhappily whimpering, " can't kill her off, not nice!  Not fair!"  I'm also left with a powerful desire to see him punch one of the uppity precinct cops, who make Horatio's crime scene puns seem like the epitome of etiquette, a feeling which doesn't really ever go away. 

The whole second half was both captivating and crushing to watch Logan's increasingly obsessive and desperate need to find proof of her murder, only to eventually concede defeat; his ideals having left him blind to the obvious.  Damn it, I hate when it turns out the fragile, troubled women actually did commit suicide. (see also: Cold Case)  Oh, and then way to BREAK MY HEART by bringing up things about how he dreams (and now, apparently, daydreams) about dead people appearing and claiming not to be dead.  

Ooh, and the episode does win some bonus points back for the multiple scenes featuring Holly's curly-tailed mutt.  Chris North + dog = very approving RS.

Mmkay.  I've been up for at least 36 hours; why am I not tired??  Maybe NCIS will wear me out...*trots off*  
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