RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

A Scrapbook, Of Sorts

I'm going through super-super old documents on my computer, and I found a Lord of the Rings survey from when I was 18.

...I am just so happy Tumblr did not exist when I was 18.

UPDATE: this document actually has a whole bunch of surveys from age 18. There's a partially completed X-Files survey; that should be useful for more authentic detail about my feelings than my memory now provides. And then there's this part that makes me really happy:
[the thing I wanted most, that I now have]

"72. What physical, tangible possession do you want most?
Every book ever written by Margeurite Henry, in the 1970's hardcover with color illustrations versions [where applicable]

73. How badly do you want it?
It's the first thing I plan to buy when I'm on my own and have money set aside"

LIFE GOALS, BEING ACCOMPLISHED. (18-year-old me had zero of these. Now I've got...I don't even know, at least a dozen)

And just for fun: an Official List Of Shows I watched as a high school senior, compared to the teenagers of Tumblr today with their Supernatural and their cable nonsense and their Stephen Colbert and whatnot:

The Tonight Show, C.S.I. Miami, C.S.I., Without a Trace, Cold Case, American Idol, That 70's Show, The O.C., Tru Calling, What I Like About You, Reba, Grounded For Life, Joan of Arcadia, Wanda at Large, Boston Public, The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill (against my will*), and Oliver Beene (same deal, same goes for "Futurama").  And The Bernie Mac Show sometimes

* "against my will" here meaning "it's on at a convenient time next to shows I like so I end up leaving the TV on and watching it out of habit even though I really don't think it's good"

I wonder what the 2015 equivalent of those shows would be? I should puzzle it out and see how much I would really compare to my peers.
Tags: nostalgia
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