RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Many of my picture squares have literally been kickin' it here since 2007.

I uploaded 6 new icons today, causing my head to spin at this luxurious extravagance, and then went for broke and was like LET'S UPLOAD FIFTEEN* EIGHT MORE.

*nope, too extravagant

On the one hand, it's amazing to see so many new pictures hanging around. I am tempted to delete a bunch more boring old ones I haven't used in a while, but then I looked at the oldest part of my Icons folder and I got all nostalgic for some of the ones I deleted previously -- none of which technically needed to be deleted at all because, I'm ashamed to say, I've been paying for extra icon space for 6 years now and not once have I filled every space.

I'm at at 88 now and this is definitely the most I have ever had at one time.

Bad news, though: I'm pretty much out of stockpiled icons and it's hard to find new ones because the LJ comms only make them for stupid shows and shows I'm behind on nowadays. It drives me to go to Fanpop, which I have dubbed the "lawless land of thievery" in my credits on said icons, where there is no identifying mark whatsoever for the poor hardworking artist, but at least you can find all the icons you want with minimal effort, instead of fruitlessly clattering around abandoned show-specific comms that last updated in 2013.

Anyway. I now have 4x as many icons with Quinn Fabray in them, so I think I'm finally satisfied.

[edit: also, I've never thought about the fact that you accumulate loyalty pics when you've been a longtime paying member, and I just realized that I would actually have 63 icon spaces without paying for upgrades, and another 5 coming up in 3 months when I renew my account. Before these new ones, I definitely could have found enough to delete to make it back to that limit. *sigh* So close to saving that $10!]
Tags: icons

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