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I love my precious baby tiger icon for already being in rotation.

Three episodes was about my limit for Rio and the group being split in two factions, so I appreciate them wrapping it up this time. I also appreciated FBI Dude being revealed to be some sort of evil/double agent right after Jamie made the terrible choice to kiss his bland face, evidently blind to her other options. But I'm getting ahread of myself.

I am still not shipping J/J despite having a hurt/comfort scenario AND a life-saving scenario and a bonus affectionate "you are one clever cookie" thrown right in front of me. That is one powerfully resistant alterna-ship I've got considering I built it out of 3 episodes' worth of interaction. Especially given that despite Abraham immediately getting all intense about the tiny scratch on Jackson's temple and faint black eye (am I supposd to be on the dark slash side, shipping that?), Mitch didn't even acknowledge Jamie's various head wounds. But I persevere.

(Also, for the record, Jackson has very nice eyes and they are quite enjoyable to look at when crouching next to a pretty girl and indicating concern or reassurance. He is also most attractive while swearing at dudes who may or may not have just hurt the pretty girl, and tackling such a dude down a flight of hotel stairs and trading punches. And Jamie makes a pretty efficient badass while shooting that guy to rescue Jackson. I am pleased; you are forgiven for assaulting my eyes with that kiss.)

Basically, this sums up their quality interactions in this episode. Preview:

Now on to what really matters: MITCH'S SIDE OF THE CLEMENTINE STORY. Which, although I am still not quite sure why he drifted out of the picture the second time or if I am quite okay with why he drifted out in the first place**, was so much better and more amazing than I expected because it not only involved genuine Feelings, but tears. And it only took one direct mention of his daughter to disarm him and get him to that vulnerable place, too.

"Wasn't that bad at first. She just got a little clumsy. But then, she started having seizures. Lot of kids with her syndrome, they lose their eyesight, get different personalities, but not Clem. Clem's just dying."

I cannot express to you the amount of delight I am taking in watching Miles 2.0 get continually closer to the original. But I will express to you my grumpiness that no one on Tumblr has made a solid wall of his face in this scene*, or even a single .gif that does not flash back to Chloe at some point.

Which interferes mightily with the fact that from the moment it started, I mentally slid her out of the scene, transformed the context into his hotel room, and picked right back up on my dream last week of Jamie storming in and demanding explanations for this bullshit. I'll say she read Chloe's file on him, or something. (though really my dream is that she had some occasion to have met Chloe and seen the photo and put two and two together) And I know there is no earthly reason they would have him do a second emotional scene just to convey the same information to Jamie, so that particular dream is dead, but for right now I am very happy with my AU headcanon.

*oh, screw it, I'm spending 5 minutes in editing programs to bring Future Me a clumsy and poorly edited reference sample:


I sacrificed my integrity and possibly well being to bring you this only because I could not capture the beauty of that tear-swiping moment in stills.

BONUS, we got delivery on the "you should call her" in the same episode. Featuring Mitch The Terribly Awkward, in the world's first known instance of me finding someone embarrassng themselves to be cute/sweet instead of horrifyingly painful. He just has a lot of really great "WHY DID I SAY THAT" faces to rival Beca in Pitch Perfect 2. I hope there is more of these two before the end. Sweet or sad, I just want him to see her in person.

Post Script Thoughts
As much as I appreciate how it got Jackass FBI Dude out of the picture, I am still not okay with you killing off the kindly small-town optometrist after Evan Freakin' Hartley was willing to keep him alive.

[update: Oh yeah, I guess Crazy Eye is dead. Forgot to mention that. It seems such a minor plot point, really.]

Fave quote from this review: Note to self: if there's an eye doctor on screen, look away. The doctor might just be doing a regular adjustment on a pair of glasses, but he also might stick a long-ass needle in a guy's eye. Better to err on the side of caution.

AW, LOOK AT THE BIG OL' CUTE GRIZZLY GIANT BROWN BEAR IN PARIS. (...does France normally have bears? I just realized I took French for years in school, but no one ever told us about its wildlife. Apparently it does, though.)

Abraham: big and imposing enough to take down an entire garage full of basic Brazilian muscle bitches. (I'll allow it.)

**Relevant questions from Tumblr user coreycideswrites: …if Mitch got his kid all these tests, then why hasn’t he seen her since she was two? Why did Aud act like she thought Mitch didn’t care about Aud at all? And if Mitch was so desperate to pull in every favour he could call in to get his kid treatment, he’d hardly balk at bringing some cash to pay for their dog’s treatment.

I have officially reached that point -- SIX EPISODES IN -- where I cannot wait any more and must know All The Spoilers. I can only find a few short and official ones, but let me tell you, episode 8 cannot get here fast enough:

[synopsis]Also, unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Mitch reconnects with his terminally ill daughter in Boston as he prepares to make a trade with Reiden-Global to save her life.
Now if you'll excuse me, I spent 4 solid hours alternately writing this/flailing and I'm finally done but I need to rescue what I can of my borked sleeping schedule ASAP.
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