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This topic was posted to thequestionclub, and it's been super fun reading the responses, but there aren't enough to satisfy me yet. So maybe my flist would like to play?

I'm not ready to talk about it yet*, but I decided that the best way to reacquaint myself with X-Files before the remake airs was to stop thinking of it like a project and just watch it the way I always did -- kinda randomly. So when I saw season 5 at the library, I checked it out and decided, "Let's start with Ye Olde Classic Chinga. And from there I've just been watching the MotW episodes -- after a short experience with Patient X that made me realize I cannot remember one iota about the alien mythology, so that should probably be watched in order -- and even saw an episode I don't think I'd ever seen, Mind's Eye.

*seriously. I want so much to talk about how different it is to watch at age 29 versus as a teenager, and how it is to be interested in plots again instead of just rippings episodes apart because you know where all the good MSR scenes are. Stupid work weekend...

In other news, I have changed my layout and default icon up a bit. It is now awash in tones of lavender and mauve, and features a book in the header.

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