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A LONG way to making it right

*strolls by Jarbie tag to see if this is the week Under the Dome turned a corner on the suckage*

"Now that Barbie has physically cheated on Julia..."


Yeah, yeah, alien brain tumor controlling his actions; whatever. It took all of my energy to come back from Glee once and I feel like it's probably gonna be years before I can come back from another instance. The beyond-his-control part IS a mitigating factor that might allow a really good 11th episode to make up for things, but I TOLD you I was not convinced we had escaped the Extracurricular Baby and as long as that possibility is not confirmed dead and gone, my heart is not open to reconciliation. I don't care how epic Julia's loyalty face is or how much brave, fearless, impressive faith she has in them.

As usual, I remain extra peeved that this one thing is ruining a show when I could be watching Julia And Her Plucky Orphans save the day. I don't even need Barbie with them per se (although that would still be a better show, two generations of heroes against the world), I just can't have the reason he's not with them be another woman.

Also apparently there was some sort of delightful thing involving killing off Norrie's other mom (YAY. Overdue, really, she's been so invisible; they did themselves a bad turn when they decided Norrie was more interesting as a dystopian YA novel protagonist than a kid with parents) and presumably Joe tried to say or do something sweet and supportive like he did last time, but if it happened Tumblr is not interested in giffing that.

And my girl Gia sounds like she might the person being identified as a love interest for Hunter? Or has some backstory with him? Or both? High five on that, but it's not going to bring me back.
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