RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Things that are free at the Irish Fair:

-Parking (because we managed to find a spot on the street within a quarter mile. Half mile? I can't tell)
-A sample of beer (I gave mine to Dad)
-A sample of Angry Orchard hard cider (all out, second year in a row. BOO. I actually love that stuff!)
-Petting Irish-breed dogs (i.e. ALL THE WOLFHOUNDS YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT.)
-A 1.5 hour Cherish the Ladies concert (and some other bands. But they're the ones I know. A step down from Altan, but pretty close -- I went to a performance of theirs at my college my freshman year. Also, one of their lead instruments is a flute. Not even a fancy Irish flute, although they do have the pennywhistle. But nope, the leader makes magic with the regular old metal kind of flute that I played for 9 years.)

With bonus guest singer Hannah Rarity, who is one of the first people ever I've heard live and immediately said to myself, "WHAT AN AMAZING SINGER." I started wishing the entire concert was just her.

And while I could happily have spent a small fortune in the marketplace on all the pretty clothes and especially the amazing jewelry, I did not buy a thing. Savin' up for the State Fair. It was worth it just to go!

I've been drowning in work this week and I was starting to think it wouldn't happen. But I finally managed to get done for the day by 2 PM, and off we went! The timing actually turned out to be perfect, because it rained the whole time we were driving down there, but it had slowed to a light sprinkle by the time we parked and was gone entirely within 5-10 minutes of our arrival.
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