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1. I am trying super super hard to like Echosmith, because she sounds a lot like early Taylor Swift (which is more important than ever now that present day Taylor Swift and I have parted ways and I am constantly on the run from 1989's nonsense), and it bothers me that I'm just not feeling it. I assume this is due to the percentage of her influence that also sounds like Colbie Caillat, but the Taylor side should be winning this war, not least because Early Taylor Swift actually had a duet with Colbie and I still liked it. So I'm going to spend my evening cramming this earworm into my brain until it gets accepted. Sound like a plan?

2. Today I was going to go to Savers and/or Goodwill because of various sales, but when I actually got to the town that had them I realized, you know what? I don't want to shop right now. Shopping would not make me happy. I am happy with the amount of things I have this week. What I'd really rather do with my perfect-weather afternoon is take a walk and write in my journal. So even though the addicted part of my brain was screaming, "HOW DARE YOU PASS UP A RARE CHANCE TO GET SOME NICE NEW SUMMER CLOTHING FOR HALF OFF," I did. And it felt amazing.

3. Right now, my addicted brain is also telling me it's time to turn on Friends. But I think the lesson today is that I should ignore that feeling and instead watch one of the things I'm always lamenting I have no time to watch during daylight, like X-Files. I also have no fewer than 6 movies checked out of the library I could start on before work sucks me under again.

4. Also, I know I am WAY out of touch with X-Files, but having watched about 5 random episodes in the middle of season 5, it is extremely weird to me that Mulder is being Mr. Skeptic/Reasonable Explanations Apply all over the place while Scully is open to all the possibilities of the universe. What the damn hell happened to him this year? Or have I just remembered the premise of this whole show wrong??

p.s. I have yet to see any significant physical affection between them and I know I'm not targeting their best episodes, but that is also very weird.


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