RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

So I was in the X-Files tag on Tumblr, and accidentally ran across some spoilers for the revival.

Hey, remember that time in 2008 where I would not unclench during the second movie until Mulder and Scully were contentedly in bed together like the old married couple they were?*

It did not even occur to me to be worried about their relationship status this time around, but apparently someone out there went, "You know what'd be fun and dandy? To throw a breakup into their story," and that's all I needed to hear to decide I will not be watching this revival ever.

#I have HAD IT with television and its idiocy #like at this point I'm not sure if I'm hoping to get married out of love or just to SHOW ALL THOSE JERKS WHO WRITE TELEVISION HOW IT'S DONE #I'm pretty sure I'm joking but I can't be sure #pretty angry about the state of 2010s TV

*oh lord, so many bitterly ironic exerpts I could post right now. Also, 2008 Me had a much more resilient shipper heart. Look at me all NOT crumpling to the theater floor in a ruined ball of despair even when I feared the worst!

Now I have to make it through another 6+ months gritting my teeth and trying not to hear or see anything about it, just like Glee this time a year ago.

#no srsly I need to know why would you even bother bringing this show back if they are not a couple????? #if the answer is 'to get them back together again' I have news for you 6 episodes is not enough #and if the answer is 'we're not going to put them back together' #then I cannot even wrap my head around what kind of psychotic person would ruin one of the greatest love stories of all time

I call for a fandom-wide boycott. We can watch it together after all the episodes have aired if a select few viewing scouts have confirmed it to be safe or worthwhile in the end, but we should in no way reward this kind of jerk move (both the fact and the spoiling of it ahead of time, unless it's another fakeout) with ratings. I don't care how cute and giddy David & Gillian are about it.
Tags: spoilers, thou hast betrayed me, x-files

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