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I am too keyed up to sleep so I was about to write up a "top 50 canon couples" post, but then I remembered Deeks and Kensi exist and I haven't checked in on them for about a year (or two?), so HOLY CATS LOOK AT THIS GLORIOUS CACHE OF TREASURES THAT HAS COLLECTED IN MY ABSENCE.

The fun thing about them is that I'm not super emotionally invested because they keep jigging like a grasshopper on the forward trajectory of their relationship, making big jumps only to get diverted onto Obstacle Road, thereby eliminating the possibility of Fairy Tale Romance (which is fraught with the threat of ruination at every turn these days).

However, they are extremely pretty and have epic moments with a lot of hurt/comfort and near-death/life-saving moments along the way, and though these come very slowly in real time, when you add it all up after being away for a while, it's a super electrifying jolt of Shipper Joy, and a surprisingly reliable one.

Hence why I'm apparently spending the rest of my night dashing from post to post on a romantic scavenger hunt, picking up kiss after rescue-tackle after emotional breakdown hug and just totally baffled and overwhelmed as to where it all came from. Plus it's been long enough since I saw their first kiss that I can still get that original thrill back.

Here are a bunch of gifs just as fast as I could copy them from Tumblr, heedless of chronology or context, as I thrashed about for joy like a dog in a ball pit.

And my personal "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON BUT I'M EXCITED" favorite...


Update: well, it was my favorite until this one showed up.

P.S. Bonus junior/beta ship a.k.a. HOLD UP WHAT IS ALL THIS AND WHEN AND WHY?

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