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In Other News:

1. This is a glow-in-the-dark constellation skirt on Etsy and I want it so, so much. Even though I am probably right about the age where I'm too old to wear such a novelty and I have no idea how expensive it might be because the shop is on a break, but probably more than I can afford.

2. recoveringshopaholic.com is a site I'm getting a lot of use out of lately. I especially like this post, "What is a Normal Sized Wardrobe?" because I realized I had no idea. I'm pretty excited to count exactly how many articles of clothing I have and break them down by type, but I'm reserving that particular treat as incentive to do all the laundry and clean out my drawers. Preview: I have 36 tops hanging in my closet right now plus half a dozen dresses, and that is nowhere near the halfway point of tops.

3. I need the trailers for "Straight Outta Compton" to stop playing because the hook of that opening line is really catchy and it keeps tricking me into thinking I like rap music* and/or will enjoy this movie on a Remember The Titans level, and I know that is just not true.
*I even looked up that song. It's not good.

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