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We been spending most our life / livin' in a shipper's paradise

My week so far has been devoted to non-stop appreciation of other people's love, or my hopes for it. I'm pretty content.

Part 1: Densi
Now that I am a little more rested but no less crazy, I have moved on to phase 2: YouTube tours. Since no one on Tumblr is willing to be my experienced guide, I'm still pretty much doing the equivalent of wading into a fish pond and wildly slapping around until I catch something, but I have come up with quite a lot goodies. Without verifying on Wikipedia, which is full of superfluous junk info about irrelevant team members like Callen and Sam, I think I have worked out a vague shape of chronology since October 2013/early season 5.

Shortly after the last thing I flailed about, having spent the first part of season 5 dealing with the mental fallout from Deeks Torture Fest '13, it appears that the actress's materinity leave kicked in, which was handled in canon by sending Densi off overseas for reasons I have yet to detemine. Bad stuff (possibly torture?) happened along the way before it was ultimately resolved with that 6-gif hugging set I posted last night, so now we're at the end of season 5 with BOTH of them recovering from recent trauma and not in a great ready-to-relationship place, but in a good staging area for one.

It looks like they dawdled along in that phase through the beginning of season 6, still delighting on a weekly basis with personal shipper-friendly moments, and then around 6x09* it looks like it kicked into full-on No More Games/All In mode and has been that way ever since. Am I right??

*god this show is old. But it has played the long game of their relationship every bit as well as Castle.

Honestly, I kind of want to rewind all the way back to the beginning, because I'm hanging out in early season 5 right now -- episodes I actually saw -- and it's like they're brand new. Look at his face in 5x01. One thing that I especially like about this couple is that they both break down. My crime shows are known for their stoic men who only slightly falter even under the most extreme duress. They might make a Manly Pain Face if their significant other is missing and presumed in eminent danger of torture or death, but mostly do not crack.

And then there is Deeks, with his heart all over his sleeve and his sometimes-volatile emotions all over his face. He is 90% buoyant and happy like his scrappy terrier (does he still have Monty?*), but when he is miserable, he makes exactly zero effort to hide it from the world.

I will have YouTube links at some point, but I was finding them too fast to copy any URLs. I am also still too excited to talk specific moments because THEY ARE STILL EVERYWHERE, and also I am pretty distracted by the entirety of 5x02's end scene right now.

Part 2: I watched (most of) Enchanted again today and I just kept squealing because I could not contain how happy Robert/Giselle made me. (and also Robert/Nancy. And Giselle's combo sister/mother relationship with his daughter. And literally every other second of this film)

I'm just so impressed that this one couple manages to give me every possible trope I like: damsel in distress, heroine in heroics, pure and innocent romance, mild passion that doesn't damage my eyes, protective posturing, hurt/comfort, bedside vigils (however brief), thank-god-you're-okay hugs, AND happy family moments.

There are so many things I actually forget them all. For instance, I had no recollection of the approximately 80 times he anxiously checks her for injury or shields her from harm when Pip goes wild in the restaurant. That part afterward where he's literally got his arms full of upset females to take care of is an explosive delight like no other for my brain.

One day soon I'm just going to do a running commentary reaction to this whole movie. That's the only way I'm going to get all my thoughts out into the world. I didn't even write about this movie when I first saw it, other than the brief blurb on my 07-08 reading list. Shame on me!

Part 3: Zoo 1x07. I mean, it's not an overtly shippy show, but it does contain my newest ship delight, and somehow it's even novel and exciting for me to live on scraps.

First of all, can we talk about THIS MOMENT:

Mitch: What are you doing here? Told you I was fine.
Jamie: Well, I came to make sure you were as fine as you said you were.
Mitch: You missed quite a party.
Jamie: Yeah, I can see that. Hey that's a nice little scratch. (LET ME JUST TOUCH YOUR FACE FOR EXAMINATION PURPOSES)
Mitch: I know, it's hot, right?
Jamie: *rolls eyes*

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. Even though I'm still laughing that he got slapped by a GIANT BROWN BEAR and only came away looking like he got too close to an angry house cat. I feel like there is a disconnect between the writers' imaginations and the makeup department in charge of creating the main characters' wounds on this show.

[Edit: also I just remembered that part where he teased her about getting "science-y," and I fell all over myself because in My Great Big Complex Fictional Universe there is a pairing loosely based on Doctor/Rose and its main thing is that the guy is a science professor and the girl is an English major and YES HI HELLO that is a dynamic I clearly enjoy.]

Also, next week, guess what's in the promo? PROTECTIVE POSTURING, THAT'S WHAT. That is Mitch standing between her and an angry jaguar, slowly backing them away while she clings to him, which is exactly what I came here to see. I did an actual fist pump about The Shipping Course going according to plan. I'm so excited I can't even wait, you get the images to bask in now:

As for the rest of his role in this episode, I'm not even mad about Mitch's Nefarious Betrayal Plans because he's making them with the friggin' inept Sgt. Truman of The Patriots and I CANNOT WITH THIS GLORIOUS REVOLUTION REUNION featuring them in basically identical roles. Also he's doing it for his daughter. And he still can't talk about her without getting all choked up. I think Jamie the team will eventually understand and hopefully forgive him for not giving them a chance at saving her first.

Other things that happened in this episode:
-Slumber party at Chloe's, y'all! I assume this is so Jamie can accidentally cross paths with Mitch* when they both get up for a drink (water for her, wine for him) in the middle of the night and have a late night Deep Conversation.(*Or Jackson. You know, I'm not a complainer.)

-Abraham's super intensely sad if stereotypical Tragic Backstory. The way he pulled Jamie-maybe-Nancy into a hug and declared her part of his family was the sweetest thing. It also explains the intensity of his bromance with Jackson slightly better.

-Chloe's ex-fiance is as much of a dickhead as he sounded like. I am still rooting for the bears. Especially now that they are EXOSKELETON BEARS.

-I didn't quite catch what those abandoned ruins the bears were living in were, but they looked so neat.
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