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All I really wanted to do was pick up season 5 of NCIS: LA from the library, because it's been 4 days since I requested it and the lazy-as-hell branch still hasn't made a move to take it out of general circulation, and see what Pawn America looked like inside because the late-night commercials keep taunting me with it's "anniversary sale, all DVDs 99 cents or less!"[sidebar for the answer](answer: as grubby and stark as you'd expect a pawn shop to look, maybe more so since it's in a lower income area on the edge of the city. But now I know for sure that name brand changes nothing. Though TBF, I saw Life Unexpected there for $6, which I have never seen at Half Price Books or for less than 2x that price online)

But then my mom went to Target and said, "Oooh, you need to check out their sales; they have cute maxi skirts!"  And the Pawn America is across the street from a Unique Thrift Store. And then my mom went to Macy's and said the Mom equivalent of "HOLY CRAP YOU NEED TO GO TO MACY'S AND CHECK OUT THEIR SALE RIGHT NOW."

I got inexpensive things at all the places -- including FINALLY having calf-length leggings to wear under dresses, $8 @ Target -- except Pawn America, but Macy's was genuinely amazing. It took me a while to find the true deals, but can we talk about what I was able to get? We are talking Savers prices, maybe better than Savers prices, with better selection. LOOK AT HIS:

-3/4 length sleeve lightweight open front cardigan: $9
-Two bras, one of them Bali, for $8 each
-A super cute little peasant-y top for $6.50
-Black leggings for $4.

Even the saleswoman ringing me up was impressed. Bonus fun fact: I had already spent 4 hours on the road/shopping at other places by the time I got to Macy's, and I was getting very tired and overwhelmed by the amount of things and the wildly different little sale signs everywhere, so I called Mom and asked her to come and be my shopping guide. We haven't gone shopping together in probably a few years, and we had a blast. My mom even managed to find a pair of capris for $10.

We are pretty sure the sale is still going on tomorrow. You should probably go.

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