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Darling, sweet lover, won't you help me to recover?

1. It would appear that Pretty Little Liars is actually on its final season and has revealed A for real, or at least one of the main A players since they only have half a season left and it's going to involve a time jump. I have been waiting a lot of years for this, even though the last time I read anything about this show's canon was a year and a half ago and the last time I watched any part of it was two and a half years ago.

Case in point: I don't know who this person even is by any name (Charlotte/CeCe/Charles). I can't be shocked by a transgender reveal when not even the original identity of A means anything to me.

Honestly, all I want to hear is that A is someone we could have picked out by the end of season 1, and if you aren't going to give me that by the end of the real finale then I don't even know why you bothered extending the mystery instead of just solving it and giving them new problems each season. JUST DIG IN YOUR HEELS & GO THE CARTER & BAYS ROUTE.

2. I read the livebloggers on Tumblr for the second half of Under the Dome this week, and eventually I decided to risk turning it on and watching the last 5 minutes.

From the sounds of it I made the wise choice in not watching this episode, because my heart would not recover from Barbie kicking the dog, but it looks like the Extracurricular Baby fears have been negated because it's clearly just some abnormal alien cell growth. Like one of the rejected options for Scully's pregnancy, with absolutely no basis in physical reproduction reality.

And more to the point, I showed up just in time to see Julia manage to kiss a little sense back into Barbie before the credits hit, just enough for him to recognize that the appropriate response is to grab her closer and kiss her back with purpose.

My real ship: me/Julia's amazing hair cape. LOOK AT IT SWOOP.
My hair does that on good days and now that I know how beautiful it looks I am more invested than ever in not cutting it.

It's not enough, and I'm still pretty grumpy because that was nowhere near thrilling enough to stir my heart up and it still feels too early to resolve the madness for good, but maybe it means I can watch full episodes again soon. Based on what Tumblr is throwing out, I am really jonesing for more of the junior/baby/beta ship that is Joe/Norrie.

#Joe is just so adorably awkward and anxious to be A Boyfriend #he hasn't quite grown into all the parts the role requires yet but bless him #he tries so hard to pull it off

(edit: oh, my bad, this was from way back in episode 6. It's been a while since I laid eyes on the show.)

3. I have been living in a real magical Deeks/Kensi world lately, by which I mean I have watched "Neighborhood Watch" twice, once with commentary from the actors who portray them. I am delighted to report that they are basically indistinguishable from their characters in terms of how they talk to each other, minus romantic subtext. At one point they just go off on a tangent demonstrating the voices they use to talk to dogs. It's kind of amazing.

Also amazing: the degree to which I am laser-focused on the Core Four that I tend to get genuinely baffled when Sam & Callen show up. It's like they're characters crossing over from a completely different series.
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