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"You keep saying things like that, people are going to start to think you care."

Zoo, The Cheese Stands Alone: OK, so I guess we have to wait another week on the Angry Jaguar moment. That's cool. At least Jamie got to spend this episode texting him like crazy and then fretting when he didn't instantly text her back. Ostensibly because she was waiting for info from him that would take Reiden Global down, but maybe that's just a convenient cover.

Never mind the part where she hopefully suggested tagging along with him instead of going with the group, leading to him suggesting that it's safer to lay low/stick with the group because "the more people you have watching your back the better," and then she says my title quote and they make these faces (OF OBVIOUS LOVE) at each other.

As awkward as the Mitch/Clementine interactions were, I appreciate that she's trying really hard to engage with him, which minimizes the secondhand embarrassment. Now if we could just get her mom to take that stick out of her ass every time she looks at/talks to him, that would be grand. Lady, what IS your problem with him? And writers, even if he did abandon his wife & baby daughter and there is zero more to that story (I am still trying to work out the timeline for how she married a new guy that fast), you're going to have to work a lot harder to make him come out of this looking like the bad guy.

That scene with him carrying his daughter's sleeping form inside and tucking her into bed was the most gratuitious fuzzy-feeling nonsense I have ever seen in my life (as far as she's concerned this is the first time she's seen him in person, and also she's TEN; neither of these things lend themselves to falling asleep in his presence and then letting him carry her inside), but I would not trade one single second of getting to see that domestic fantasy play out on screen. THANK YOU.

[stand by for .gifs, which I am PRETTY sure will be forthcoming soon.]

I like writers who just go for it, you know? Screw logic and go for broke, throw out mushy sweet scenes left and right like candy at a parade because you're writing a summer show and you have no idea if you'll get to write a season 2 before you finish.

Over on Rat Island, what's-her-face sheriff instantly annoyed me (I later found out that instictive hatred was because she's Jeanne Benoit of NCIS season 4 infamy), and she had the world's worst, clunkiest writing. "You guys look like two people who should be together!" are basically the first words out of her mouth upon meeting someone? The first words being "Hi, I'm Rebecca, Jackson's first love from when we were 12, nice to meet you." What! WHO TALKS LIKE THAT. Especially since she feels about as important as that zookeeper from episode 2, an actress on about the same lower-ranking level of TV familiarity.

But at least the dog-sized sow-like rat queens were kind of fun, and Chloe got to be a flamethrower-wielding badass. I love that every time I try to label her my least favorite, the show yanks that feeling away from me and goes "STOP IT. THERE ARE NO OMEGAS ON THIS SHOW. EVERYONE IS AMAZING." (and I'm all, "But there must always be an omega in the main cast! THAT IS HOW TV WORKS." / "No, RS. Five equally amazing team members.")

Also, I watched two episodes of the last season of Parks & Rec*, and WHAT THE HELL MY EYEBALLS DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE THIS SHOW.

Leslie is...a normal and relatively emotionally/mentally stable person who bears no resemblance to Michael Scott? She and Ben have an amazing and wonderful partnership of a marriage COMPLETE WITH PARENTING? (did Ben just get hotter? Like, a lot hotter?) Andy is affably likable? ("Ninjas! Scatter!")

And most of feels like a show about a real small town and a tight-knit community of folks who love it, just like the type of show I've always wished it was? I do not understand how this is happening.

(*We were recovering from heat exhaustion and I wanted to watch a movie, but he didn't have any I wanted to see, so he suggested one of his recently-favorite episodes of P&R, 7x06. I dubiously agreed, and then I enjoyed it so much I asked to watch the next one.)

I'm wondering if getting rid of Ann was actually instrumental in making this happen, because even though she used to be the only thing I could tolerate, now I feel like she's the thing I want to see again least. It feels like she's just way too...too much of the straight man for this show that, even when significantly toned down, still has an element of cartoonish fantasy about it.

Chris described season 7 as "kind of a victory lap -- all the issues with relationships have already happened; there are no real conflicts; it's pretty much all feel good" -- and I must say that this is the kind of show I want to see. Because I have no emotional investment in this world, instead of being grouchy about it I can even enjoy the time jump, as exemplified by their ridonkulous transparent Future Phones.

Also I am really really really suddenly interested in shipping the heck out of Ben/Leslie. Where is that flu episode again, 'cause this time I'm ready. No, no, that was far too early. Do not ruin this for yourself. You need to go backwards very carefully until you find the equilibirum point at which the show went from hideous to tolerable, and stay to the right of that on the timeline.

Or I could just cannonball into YouTube, land on the first video I see about "their story" and luxuriate in it, even if it only goes up to February 2013. There's another one I have my eye on for later -- for now, I just wanna keep rewatching and squealing at this one.

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