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Aug. 18th, 2015

Will someone please explain why my brain is so hardwired to be loyal, in the absence of a tornado rage reason to quit, that I will continue feeling a duty to both watch and write about every episode of the next season of NCIS, even though I am approaching or possibly at House levels of disinterest in everyone and everything, and will continue to relegate NCIS: LA to an amusing sideshow even though I'm pretty sure Deeks/Kensi is currently my #1 ship* and also canon?

First of all, Deeks has the saddest puppy face in the whole wide world and I cannot tolerate this much direct exposure to it even when I have the Season 6 Happiness Antidote.

Also, he has pretty magnificently shaggy hair, and I forgot how that is my absolute hair weakness. That's part of why he will always, a little bit, be "Scruffy Vaughn" to me.

Boyfriend is very good in the hair department and also willing to cater to my whims, but his hair is straight as a pin and not capable of attaining the appealing floppy-mop thing that Deeks' hair does (I ran across a quote recently that the producers won't let the actor cut his hair even though he wants to. I love those producers with all of my heart).

P.S. Against all advice to the contrary, I watched 5x21 and now I'm in a VERY PUNCHY PLACE OF DARKNESS AND ANGER. Even though I know it gets fixed. Even though he's still so in love with her that some chick from his past meets them together and is instantly like "lol so u hittin' that? 'Cause it's pretty obvious you are in love." ...even after that, I am STILL over here like WHAT PART OF 'SURVIVED TORTURE IN AFGHANISTAN, GOT THROUGH IT THINKING ABOUT YOUR FACE' =/= be with that person??

Like I think at this point the only way I can explain the bizarre lighthearted like-their-relationship-never-happened banter in the next episode is that everything he said at the end of this episode ony applied to them not spending nights together; they will of course remain in love and mutually exclusive, just in a 27-Kids-And-Counting style of hands-off courtship.

*Last night I tried to watch the next episode of Castle but then I fell asleep because compared to Deeks/Kensi I was bored by their relationship. SOMEONE SEND EMERGENCY SERVICES BECAUSE THIS IS IN NO WAY OKAY.

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