RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

A tiny happy thing.

Today my plan was to pause work at 2, finish it at the library by all the antique stores and then enjoy said antique stores, and then go back to the library by my house to pick up my requests. Instead I decided to save gas by doing the last thing first, and long story short only 1 of the 4 was still open when I got there, and it's the boring tiny one that's half boutique (new stuff).

BUT. As a consequence of my grumpiness, I decided to visit the used paperbacks store, which I normally avoid like the devil because it's the one with the Weird Old Guy. I forgot there is now a 50% chance that it will instead be manned by the Nice Old Lady* with a passion for both books and readers. Which today it was! AND I FOUND A TREASURE BOOK. Hold the Rein Free, a wonderful old horse book from the 60s that I love, ex-library hardcover, for $3.25.

*I knew she was one of those people who would appreciate me telling her how happy I was to find this specific title, and sure enough, actual quote as best I can remember it: "Isn't it wonderful how books have a way of finding their readers?"
Tags: books

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