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An update on THINGS!

We ended up going to that estate sale today.It was pretty great, although tragically none of the Steiff creatures spoke to me (plus about 2/3rds of them were newer Steiff, 80s or 90s and more recent). It was also one of those sad "RESPECT YOUR GODDAMN FAMILY HISTORY" moments as I paged open-mouthed through this woman's fabulous travel scrapbooks full of photos and souvenir postcards (unused) and scattered brochures from her trips all over the country (and the world!) from the 20s-early 40s. The photos of Havana in the 30s seemed especially exotic and glamorous to me.

I also found 3 generations of yearbooks, one from 1923 (that would be the woman who put the scrapbooks together), two from 1949 and 1950 (these were just LOADED with personal messages) and then that woman's son, probably, from the late 1970s. Even if that son didn't have any children, I simply do not understand why a person wouldn't keep that kind of history together. Don't you have cousins or something? I'm fascinated by this family's life as a total stranger; I think it'd be way more awesome if you had a jetsetting grandmother/great-grandmother like that. All the photos were neatly noted with names of the people in the photos and their locations, too.

We also tripped over a second estate sale, one whose online photos were not very interesting, but which turned out to be AMAZING. It was held in super-fancy 4-story condo (as in this one person's condo was 4 stories, starting with ground entrance and ending with a terrace and roof access) that was so big I actually got lost on the top floor, there were so many corners to turn in the open floor plan. It was full of even fancier and more expensive stuff, if such a thing is possible.

Also, I got to pet a super wonderful dog at a garage sale toay (it looked like a standard white terrier but it was about the size of a small Springer Spaniel). He left me alone at first, but after I knelt down to give him attention, he came right over and wagged his tail. I reluctantly left him to pretend to browse the tiny selection of boring kids things (I TOTALLY didn't stop at your sale just because I saw a loose dog!), and my attention was caught by a pair of shoes on the ground. I knelt to examine them and he came over and plopped himself down in front of me for more petting. SAY 'AWWWW.'
P.S. I told my mom I wanted to go on a walk with Chris tonight but didn't want to bring a bulky purse, but then again I needed to store my phone, coin purse and keys. She said, with pitch-perfect Ted Mosby intonation, "Do you want to use my waist pack??"
Me: Your wha...NO, MOTHER. I do not want to use a fanny pack. Have you not heard of ♫"EL GANSO CONNNNNNNN LA RIONERA!"♫?
Mom: Don't call it a fanny pack! It's a waist pack.
Me: *hands on hips* HANDS-FREE BELT SATCHEL.
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