RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"Love saved him."

Under the Dome, 3x10, Legacy

That opening scene was the most anticlimatic resolution to Barbie's brain possession ever. (unless it was supposed to be that way to foreshadow the idea that his infection has only been loved down to a dormant state, rather than cured? But that did not seem nearly heartfelt enough to have wholeheartedly convinced Julia like it did.)

We were tortured for eight episodes for THAT? The horrible lighting and the weird pacing of breaking that scene across two episodes didn't help, but it was so...flat and muted and cheesy and boring. I wanted twenty times that amount of passion and regret, not the equivalent of, "Oh gosh, I just tried to kill you. I'm real sorry 'bout that." / "It's cool, you were infected, now let's move on to the important stuff." Honestly, I got a bigger thrill out of Barbie convincing Joe it was the real him, and he didn't even hug him.

(Speaking of Joe, that is one brave little dude. Gets the stuffing beaten out of him and still sasses his captors. I like him.)

Barbie & Julia kissed a whole lot on this episode after that, but meh to it all; my heart has not even begun to feel genuine shipping thrills yet. Also, can we stop with this lame Rookie Blue talk about him being a pending father? It's more an annoyance than anything hurtful because I do not accept for one second that this baby is any more human than the creepy demon baby Katrina almost gave birth to/ultimately conjured out of redirected energy on Sleepy Hollow, and I hope this show can summon the strength to kill it ASAP.

Other Stuff:

  • Suuuuuuper bored with the A-Team's backstory

  • WOW (in an impressed-with-your-evilness way) on the quasi-virgin sacrifices

  • I am really happy that Julia's only reaction to Big Jim's dig about Barbie "making more babies with Eva" is "she's still alive?" in an indignant tone. I did not know Julia was on the murder path but that is great news.

  • It is a lot more enjoyable to watch Barbie fake being evil than actually being evil.

  • INDY!! Also, I love Big Jim's first focus being on the dog and his head wound for ages, without even acknowledging allthe guns pointed at Julia. Sorry, that's just how important dogs are.

  • Norrie & Joe's kiss through the window bars was super cute. They really are my #1 couple on this show now.

  • OH NO on Norrie killing Harriet of all people. One, that better mess Norrie up way more than shooting the random guy that A-Team soldier was probably picturing her killing, and two, wait, what happened/happens to Harriet's baby? (just so you know I am still pushing for Barbie & Julia to open Chester's Mill's Home For Wayward Orphans. What happened to the one they saved from the barn in the S2 finale?)

  • I kind of want Norrie & Julia to have a lot more Badass Ladies with Guns adventures together. Now that Norrie's hair is growing out long and wavy just like Julia's, they look really wonderful side by side.

Tags: tv commentary, under the dome

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