RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Four Thoughts Make A Post

1. Read a spoiler for the CSI finale:
"Lady Heather returns, creating maniacal controversy between Grissom and Sidle."

What I'm reading from this is that Lady Heather will somehow end up driving them together. *QUINN GLARE OF DISAPPROVAL*

(I mean, the alternate option is that she vindicates years of furious irrational hatred from young GSR shippers such as myself, and I'm pretty sure that's still worse.)
2. Found a sad thing at Goodwill -- a photo album with 4 envelopes, the kind your pictures come in after you get film pictures developed, stuffed full of loose photos (most if not entirely candid family photos) from what looked like the early 90s. Where, how, why!

3. Had to contain my internal delight while listening to two high school girls working in a retail store today talking about going back to school. It affirms my faith in humanity when Real Live Teenagers buck their age group stereotypes.

"My approach to school is to just get in and get out. Like, I'm not there for all the football games and dances and stuff. I don't see the point. Those people aren't your real friends, you're not gonna talk to them in 5 years."

"I know! Like, I've never even been to a party, or been invited to one."

"And another thing I don't get, everybody so worried about being popular."
"Yeah, I don't get it either. I mean, I don't care if I'm popular or not; what's the big deal?"

(They certainly looked like they could fit in with the popular crowd, so this was extra-pleasing to me.)

4. I have exactly 12 inches of wall space between my bookshelf and the door. I've been looking at it for several weeks now thinking, "Why am I wasting that space when there could be more books there??" So: does anyone know where I could buy such a tall, skinny shelf? I figure I could transfer a lot of paperbacks to such a space. I'm even willing to buy retail (under $100), that's how much I want more display space.

5. Also whoops I just impulse-bought a Steiff seal on eBay because the auction was ending in 2 hours and he was only $15 w/ free shipping and seems in decent-ish shape even though he doesn't have a tag.

See, after the estate sale Steiffs were so disappointing in the cuteness factor, I spent an hour online last night with the intention of finding some dream creatures. Then I found a bunch of $30-50 cuties I bookmarked and seriously considering choosing one of those -- my #1 choice being this same seal, but a more expensive version due to his tag -- but then I saw this guy's price this morning and was like NOPE THAT'S IT THAT'S THE ONE I WANT.

Part of me is v. disappointed in myself for not holding out for one with a tag, because that's most of its value, but at the same time...I didn't spend $25 on a ratty possibly-not-even-real Steiff at that other estate sale, so this is clearly a smart buying choice. (Right?)
Tags: csi, life, spoilers

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