RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

CSI Miami season finale = suck.

I'm not happy with the cliffhanger ending or the anticlimatic revelations, I'm pissed off at Donahue in general (for the first time ever), and I miss Marisol worse than ever.

NOT.  HAPPY.  Going to sleep now.  Insulating myself. 

Go away.

(Edit: Oh my God, did I actually take Natalia off the mole polls?  I took her ALL THE WAY OFF THEM?  Sometimes spoilers are more trouble than they're worth.  I knew the actress was coming back next year...and yet, I also knew that the mole wouldn't necessarily be off the show, so stupid me.  I begged and pleaded the whole year that Natalia would be the mole, and finally convinced myself she couldn't be, and Calleigh MUST be, so I guess all the smart people who threw money into my pool made a killing.  (if anyone had bet, that is)

I am still mad at this show.  Stomping back to season 3 now.  Thank God for A&E)

Tags: csi: miami
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