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One day this will all be over. (and that day is next Thursday)

Under the Dome is officially canceled. I am not even upset beyond the fact that it means my last truly satisfying Barbie/Julia scene happened in 2014 and they'll never have a chance to make it up to me. Figures, the one show I actually hoped would have one of those time-jump/flash-forward series finales so I could see them all married with actual babies. I mean, I will definitely miss Julia and Barbie as characters, and to a lesser extent Joe and maybe Norrie, but everyone else I loved is dead and Barbie has been effectively absent all season anyway.

Also, I really wish I had been in North Carolina this past weekend to take advantage of the Giant Sale of Under the Dome Props/Wardrobe/Set Decorations that apparently happened there, similar to the Glee auction except not an auction or open to anyone online, so I don't even get to look at a catalogue. But I bet it was awesome.

As for the most recent episode:

Under the Dome 3x11, Love is a Battlefield

This was decidedly less awesome than the last two eleventh episodes, mainly as Barbie spent it worrying about Eva's life instead of Julia's. And even though he was ostensibly more worried about his "daughter" than her, it still meant they kept ripping every page out of Rookie Blue's playbook, except not even Rookie Blue was lame enough to have Andy trying to press on the baby mama's stomach like a tube of toothpaste to induce labor.

[click to see the loltastic moment for yourself!]

The only truly memorable/exciting part was watching Christine smother Eva to death just as the latter's mind control seemed to wear off. That is by far the happiest/most obnoxiously celebratory I've been about a character dying since McSleazy. It was just so visceral and satisfying. Alien!Eva would not have cared about dying for the cause, but Human Eva suffered, and I was vindictive and petty for liking it but as Deeks learned while torturing a dude in Afghanistan, sometimes you just want take your rage out on a scapegoat regardless of whether or not it solves anything.

Watching Joe rock out to the title song was pretty cute, though. And I guess somehow, someday, I can convince myself that Eva is merely their surrogate because Julia tragically cannot have kids, and get something out of Barbie aiming heart eyes at the newborn in his arms, like here, or here. It will be my Harry Potter epilogue after the end of season 2. That's the best we can hope for at this point.

Zoo 1x09, Murmuration

First of all, aw, Jamie has a new pet name for him. "You bastard!"

But that's all she has to say to learning he (almost) traded the mother cell for medicine for his daughter (before stealing both and running like hell, landing them all in even more hot legal water), before he convinces them this is not the biggest issue at hand and they need to back-burner their outrage.

Second, what does a girl have to do to get her jaguar* leopard scene around here?! (*do you even know how long I studied the spots on that blurry screen grab, trying to determine which one it was before ultimately choosing wrong?)

Ahem. I had to wait again, but now it's Tuesday again and they mentioned leopards by name in the previous episode, so I hope that means the odds have gone up.  And though I had to sit through some excruciatingly uncomfortable "lady aren't you married? didn't you despise your ex yesterday? I know it's real hot when a guy saves you & your daughter, but you need to have some consistency about it" nonsense, I got to reap the benefits of him raising all hell to save his daughter from a literal murder of crows, up to and including being on the scene to hug/shield her as soon as the birds start getting blasted by fire hoses.

**And her mom, I guess. This is the least I have wanted exes back together EVER. Normally there should be no force on earth that comes between me and my love of dudes with their arms around both their young daughter and said daughter's mom.

Also, TYVM for that super-gratuitous moment of Clementine referring to him as "Daddy." Here I was feeling spoiled just with his "Sweetie." (Also, thank you for Clem's biggest concern in packing being whether or not she can fit all her stuffed animals in her suitcase. THAT'S SO ME. Clothes? Why pack clothes? You can buy new clothes, you can't buy new stuffed animals with the same memories attached.)

Bonus, Jackson continues to hotly take charge of the group and delegate as needed. It is so interesting to me that this group has more than one alpha, and rather than a clear leader at all times they take turns at the head depending on what the circumstances warrant. Him talking Chloe through her moment of self-deprecation also seemed somewhat gratuitous, but I'm okay with that. I see you with your below-the-screen hand-squeezing, Jackson

P.S. If you haven't yet, you should go back, watch the pilot again, and really appreciate the Chloe we've come to know also being Random Frantic Blond Damsel In Distress instead. Pilots are always eye-openers after you've gotten comfortable with the characters, but it's really pronounced with her.
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