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"I'm a veterinarian. I didn't take the Hippocratic Oath."

1x10, "Emotional Contagion"


And while it's technically my beta ship, getting my beta ship on board means that two possible options for spoiling my A ship are now closed down, at least for the time being, and that is good news. Besides, the timing wouldn't have been right for my alpha ship. The timing of "a few months" is, however, exactly the right amount of time for Jackson and Chloe to make good on those googly eyes and kiss.

The best part is that I did NOT expect it until suddenly they were in the back of the truck and he was saying very promising things and HO SNAPS wait is this really happening YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Predictably, throwing their potential ability to mate in the animals' faces made the animals very angry, causing said animals to raise all hell until they freed themselves. But still. I need to rewind that moment a lot of times and also put a lot more meaning into that hand-holding last week. Here I was just planning to be excited that she was reassuring him this time.

Now that I've got that out of my system: this was the most exciting episode yet and I enjoyed 8 billion other things about it, including but not limited to:

  • Crazy Ray, last seen playing a jackass/cowardly firefighter on Chicago Fire

  • All the backstory about how Abraham had to save Jackson's ass several times over, especially the one where poachers almost beat him to death

  • Abe's #white boi nonsense face when Jackson's all "awww, Ray's not so bad! He's good people!"

  • FARM'S terrible impractical animal rescue plan* and Mitch not even pretending to agree with it, while dropping his firsthand knowledge about the benefits of (good) zoos on them. It's been a while since we've gotten to see him openly antagonize people. He's so great at it.

  • (*I guess if the original Mustangs could survive in the wild when turned loose zebras probably can too, but it still seems like one who quietly halter-leads and lives in a cage that size is maybe not gonna be in prime condition to outrun lions)

  • The Mitch v. Jackson argument over "super bad idea" vs. "no ideas" was a super excellent clash of the alpha males that I have just been waiting to see

  • Mitch playing Field Doctor A Bullet Wound With No Anesethesia And Limited Human Medical Training

  • With Jamie as his terrified but surprisingly capable assistant!  (*slams fist on table* THAT'S THE KIND OF QUALITY CONTENT I COME TO THIS SHOW TO SEE)

  • Prior to that: Jamie anxious and fretting and needing to hear reassurance from Mitch that she will not screw this thing up, and him eventually awkwardly playing along even though he does not particularly have any faith she will not screw it up. (point of fact: she will screw this thing up)

  • The hilariuos/awesome growling camels

  • Jackson & Chloe's faaaaces when she tumbles out of the plane and he doesn't do a foolhardy dive after her, because they both know there would be no advantages to this, but it still feels pretty crappy to leave behind the woman you care about. She’s resigned to her fate but still steely defiant, like a trapped wolf, and he’s beautifully upset (and he doesn't even know this dude is not above torture).

  • (SERIOUSLY THOUGH CHLOE, I know you're following a moral code and all but there were only benefits to be had from letting a person you have no loyalty to kill the person with a personal vendetta against and unlimited resources to find you)

P.S. What do you mean, 2-hour "event" next week? Are we only getting 12 episodes this season? WHAT THE --

[spoiler]Jackson is injured during the escape from Zambia, but the hospital the team takes him to is overrun by mutated animals.

I think you can guess what I find most relevant in that sentence. Hint, it's not the mutated animals. (UNLESS OF COURSE THEY ARE LEOPARDS OUT TO GET MITCH AND JAMIE)


Tags: tv commentary, zoo

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