RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Various & sundry!

1. My Beloved Sitcom Rerun Station has betrayed me by adding Family Guy to its lineup this fall. Family Guy. Which they're putting on for an hour at 11 PM, replacing HIMYM. Also, I'm excited that they're adding 2 Broke Girls, but so devastated it's replacing the long-term 10:00 hour staple of Friends that I do not know how I shall cope. It feels like actual friends of mine have moved away. I won't know the full extent of the scheduling changes until later this month, but I can only hope one or both of those has just moved to an earlier time (MAYBE THIS WILL BE THE YEAR WE FINALLY GET RID OF RULES OF ENGAGEMENT?? That weasel is as crafty a survivalist in syndication as it was on CBS.)

2. I got a Bali bra for $3.14 at Target on clearance and I am too excited for words.

3. I have two reading projects in mind that are never gonna happen as long as Goodreads is around to constantly shove awesome new books in my face, but I like to fantasize about the idea:

A) Go through my high school reading lists and reread everything I can't remember.

 I started to do this when I first discovered interlibrary loan, but then I felt bad about requesting so many out-of-area books/worried they would cut me off (since you aren't charged anything even though they have to mail/transport stuff in from around the state and that costs somebody somewhere), plus there were too many books I was actually excited to read.

But it would be a fun challenge. A lot of them aren't on Goodreads, or aren't on Goodreads with much reliable information, but some of the ones that are sound interesting, especially ones I rated only a 3 or below when I was 15-16. My tastes may not have changed much, but I can tell at a glance that there are some books I wasn't old enough to appreciate then, and others that I know I would not enjoy as much now. (I shouldn't fault today's teens for loving dystopia trilogies and vampires/zombies, honestly, because I read a lot of fantasy in high school)

B) Read every book I own.

This one sounds even more exciting, not to mention practical. That way I could determine for sure if there are any books that I've remembered being better than they are and that I could get rid of, plus I would have the satisfaction of a personal relationship with my charges. I could also find out if I do, in fact, own more books I haven't read than I have, and make decisions about how many I need to keep accordingly.

The issue is that it would literally take me at least 3 years, and that's not counting the new books I would OF COURSE acquire along the way. The other issue is that, again, I simply could not stop checking out new books from the library for even a month, never mind six months or years, and that would slow my progress down even further.

But I like to dream that I could perhaps set myself a goal of reading 10 books a year from my own collection. Then I could have a life goal until I die!

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