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Ranking the Seasons, Part 7: CSI (original flavor)

(Previously on this meme 4 months ago: CSI: NY.)

You forgot this game ever existed, but I didn't, and now I am BRINGING IT BACK with my hardest challenge yet.

Comment with a show and I’ll rank its seasons from favorite to least favorite

Fair warning: I am judging this whole series basically on its levels of Grissom/Sara romance in any given year because I can't remember the timeline of most other character arcs.

Season 7: Canon GSR at the forefront AND the Mini Crime Scene Killer? Never before or since has a season been so glorious. Also, episode 4 where Greg gets attacked is one of my all-time favorites. I enjoyed the brief tenure of Liev Schrieber. But mostly, the GSR. I can't believe this used to be one of the shippiest shows on my register. Like, little moments would happen in every episode. As if it were Castle or something.

[DISCLAIMER: for the time being, seasons 1-5 are pretty interchangeable on the next 5 slots, as a solid wall of Classic CSI. The show started hot and took a long time to falter. It's also been almost a decade since I've seen them, and they were before I kept a TV blog so I have few references to separate them out in my memory.)

Season 2: GSR, I definitely remember GSR. Like chalk dust. And a plant, a living thing. ("She likes vegetation.") I also remember the crossover episode and Nick's stalker.

Season 3: A lot of titles are pinging in my brain as favorite cases, I feel like this is the year I learned to love Catherine, and Play With Fire stands out as legend in my heart because the only thing that makes this show better than GSR is a solid Greg feature. Injuring them both on Grissom's watch was perfect.

Season 1: the show in its most classic incarnation. I think in retrospect, it feels a bit impersonal, but on the other hand, it has a lot of great classics. First to mind is Blood Drops with Wee Tiny Thing Dakota Fanning. It's one of the few shows where the first season never feels foreign, at least not past the first episode or two.

Season 4: When I think "season 4," I think "Butterflied," but that is also really all I can remember.

Season 5: there was definitely GSR in this. (NESTING DOLLS. Committed.) And that Nick in the Box finale is the one that flipped my switch from "casual viewer" to "full blown fandom player/reintroduction to internet fandom after a 3-year absence." Pity about Sofia, whom I will not tolerate even after all these years.

Season 11: This is worth watching just for the glorious streak of episodes 10-12 alone. ALL THE GSR. ALL THE GREG FOCUS. But then...there's also House of Hoarders. And Walking with Dinosaurs. And Justin Bieber dying violently. And that much nicer episode with the cat and the parrot. And the dark, dark 3-part Nate Haskell finale that still kinda haunts my nightmares.

Season 6: I feel like GSR took a step back from the spotlight, which was not worth it just for the finale reveal. There were also more formula-breaking episodes, and most of them didn't work. I actually need to think about whether I like this more than seasons 8 and 9. least our whole original team was still there. And "Gum Drops" -- even after it became a Nick focus instead of a Grissom one -- is one of the highlights of the whole series.

Season 8: It hurts when Sara leaves. But at least we got to soak up several extra episodes of high-concentration GSR first. And after that, the show stays surprisingly strong in the quality department, between references to her, animal-laden episodes, and where Warrick's arc goes to its tragic end.

Season 9: OK, so GSR is rocky at first, and it hurts when Grissom leaves, but both of those things are so worth it. The first part of this season is emotional gold. After that, Langston is a worthy replacement character, PLUS we finally get to see Catherine shine in her leadership glory. And despite the pain in the ass that was Riley Adams, the script quailty stayed relatively strong. Taylor Swift's episode is a favorite.

Season 12: A decent workhorse of a year, most notable for introducing beautiful light of my life Morgan, and for the strength of Catherine's departure episodes (it slides downhill after that).

Season 13: the first 7 episodes are better than season 12, but before I caught up on the rest, episode 15 took the show down in a ball of flames and it ceased to exist.

Season 10: Still worse because I honestly didn't know this show could be so boring.

All other seasons are deemed null and void.

In unrelated news...I saw my first instance of taxidermy in a chain thrift store: a mounted deer head at Savers. It looked huge up close.

Which reminds me, Labor Day Sale Shopping, Day 1: 3 pairs of sandals, a tank top, a shrug and an open-front cardigan for a total of $19.50. This is to remind me to take pictures later, maybe.
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